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According to perezhilton.com

Tom Cruise and his attached-at-the-hip fiancé Katie Holmes were mobbed by the paparazzi yesterday as they arrived at the Essex House, where Cruise had a junket for War of the Worlds. And, despite a report in the New York Post's Page Six that Spielberg was so disgruntled with Tom's crazy in love (distracting from the film) antics that he was going to skip the junket, he did show up to do publicity for the film! And, he even had a good sense of humor about the whole TomKat media frenzy.

When a reporter asked Cruise if he and Holmes had set a wedding date yet, Spielberg joked, "Twenty minutes went by before that question was asked."

Cruise, however, was not so jovial when another reporter started to pry about Scientology.

Cruise was then asked about a link between the War of the Worlds storyline, which involves aliens lying dormant on earth before rising out of the ground and attacking the planet.
"I was wondering what resonance that had with you as a Scientologist?" a journalist asked.

A confused Cruise responded: "In what way?"

"Well," the journalist continued. "In that some of Scientology deals with aliens on this planet."

Cruise, used to defending Scientology, was not happy.

"That's not true. What?" Cruise said. "What paper are you from?"

When the embarrassed journalist responded he was from a paper in Boston, Cruise asked: "Is that a good paper?

Cruise continued: "It has no resonance whatsoever.

"There's absolutely no relation to that whatsoever."

A short time later Cruise singled out the journalist again.

"If you are interested in Scientology you should read Evolution of a Science," Cruise said.

"I don't know if you've ever read that. That will give you a greater understanding of what Scientology is."

Don't fuck with Tom Crusie and his Scientology! And Katie Holmes is taking Scientology seriously too. The actress has revealed that she is converting to the super cool, totally awesome and just plain fucking rad religion. And, that is just one step in the indoctrination of Katie Holmes. Katie is planning to change her name from Katie to Kate, a source tells Star magazine. "She believes [that] will give her a more mature image as an actress."

You know, it still hasn't quite sunk in that in less than two months, not only are TomKat inseparable, but they are already engaged!
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