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OTH Season 5 on DVD!

Two weeks ago we reported that had begun taking pre-orders for One Tree Hill - The Complete 5th Season on DVD (see the link below), even though the studio had not announced the title just yet. As a result, Amazon didn't have a street date at the time, but this morning Warner Home Video made it official by formally announcing this 5-disc package, and giving a street date of August 26th. Here's their description, followed by more details:

Hello again! Four-and-a-half years after the searing and surprising events that marked their final days at Tree Hill High, old friends return to their North Carolina hometown. Some of them reached the goals they set as teens: Lucas published his novel, Brooke rocked the fashion world as an acclaimed couturière and Haley became the teacher she always yearned to be. Some didn't: Peyton crashed and burned in L.A., and Nathan saw his promise of pro hoops glory evaporate in a single, violent moment. But once they're back home in this involving 5-Disc, 18-Episode Season Five Set, everyone discovers so much is the same: love, friendship, challenges, triumphs, laughs, tears...and dreams. As Lucas says, it's just the beginning.

Just as Amazon had said in their listing, the list price is $59.98 SRP, but you can pre-order it as of this writing for just $38.99. Running time is 810 minutes, with video in anamorphic widescreen and audio in English - Dolby Surround 5.1. Subtitles are going to be in English, French and Spanish. Here is a list of the various bonus material included:

* Unaired Scenes
* "One Tree Hill Fast Forward": Show Creators and Cast Share Their Excitement in Moving the Storyline Four Years Later in the Characters' Lives
* "One Tree Hill at 100": Commemorating the 100th Episode Milestone
* "One Tree Hill Musical Stars": Guest Stars Kevin Federline and Kate Voegele at Work Behind the Scenes on Set and Making Music
* Commentary on 2 Episodes by Series Creator Mark Schwahn, and Key Cast and Crew
* Gag Reel
* Plus a bonus offer for a Digital Copy of the entire season!

If the bottom-most item sounds familiar to some of you, then you are possibly also fans of Supernatural as well. Warner recently announced that their Sept. 2nd release of Supernatural - The Complete 3rd Season would be the first TV-DVD season set to include a bonus Digital Copy of the entire season's worth of episodes. The second one will be One Tree Hill - The Complete 5th Season on DVD. We've learned that these digital copies on both Supernatural and One Tree Hill will not be "on-disc" copies, however...there's not enough room on the discs to store them! So they will be provided via download, similar to a method Warner used to call "e-copy" in the past, and available in either Windows Media (PC) or in iTunes (Mac) versions. It's an easy way to get "digital file" copies of the feature that's on the DVD, downloaded to your computer or your compatible media player (such as a video iPod, or an Archos) at no additional charge. Hooray!

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