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Madonna refuses to pay $92K hotel bill

The singer is infuriated that a camera crew filmed her washroom at her hotel in France.

Madonna has refused to pay a U.S. $92,800 hotel bill after she discovered a film crew snuck in and filmed her bathroom.

The British tabloids and French paper Le Parisien report that the French crew filmed the bathroom at the Carlton Intercontinental hotel where Madonna stayed during the Cannes Film Festival. The footage aired on France's Canal Plus channel.

Le Parisien claims the hotel let the camera crew in before Madonna arrived.

Madonna's bathroom habits have made headlines before. SFGate.com reported in 2006 that Madonna's tour contracted stated that a new toilet seat had to be provided at every venue on her Confessions tour. It had to plastic-wrapped, no one else could use it and it had to be destroyed so it couldn't be sold on eBay.

This incident comes soon after reports that Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie are splitting up.



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