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Angel Rodriguez

Jason Mraz: Recycle. Reduce. Reuse. And look better doing it!

Hot on the trail of a new tour in support of his irresistibly catchy new disc We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things, Jason Mraz has better things to do than hang with “plastic” people. And he has a few things to say about the situation!

Got a Jazz Sigg-a-rette?

Meet the Sigg Bottle, The other Swiss Army super star. This handy must-have helps me reduce and eliminate plastic waste. The amount of energy that goes into packaging & delivering the billions of bottles of water the US alone goes thru, is astonishing. The empty bottles also make up for most of the plastic garbage in the ocean, making beaches harmful and unpleasant for recreation, and wreaking havoc for our friendly sea creatures and food sources.

Plastic just isn't popular anymore. We should rid ourselves of the selfish luxury that is a disposal one time use plastic canteen. Encourage employers to set up water returnable/refillable water coolers to have plenty of access for your new Sigg bottle.

Or what's wrong with water from the tap? We were all raised on it. Cities near natural reserves like San Francisco get their water from Yosemite so there isn't even a law that recommends filtering it. New York City straight from the spicket is the only way to go. Why spend hard earned money on water from somewhere else when you have access to it everywhere you pee? It's natural, fresh and free. Even if it is filtered and piped a long way, your immune system will love learning from the minerals and parasites in the well.

Be responsible about the plastic you purchase. All of the plastic ever produced since its discovery in the 30's is still here on earth. Remember that when energy expenses get so high you can't buy a diamond ring for your spouse. "But Honey, Plastic is forever too."

Even in the sea, if and when it breaks down to its polymer core (small plastic bits about a fraction the size of an average booger) that plastic will drift, suffocate the fish, choke the birds, and in some places be denser than sand itself. Plastic is REPLACING SAND! Some scientist speculate the only way to truly spare the planet of plastic is when a creature evolves that can actually ingest it like a nutrient and make some use of it. Oceans are fucked.

So please consider ways to stop using or WASTING plastic water bottles. It's practically arrogant.

Please contact your local waste management services and insist on a recycling program. You'll find you'll make fewer trips to the trash too as there will be less of it.

More airports are setting up recycle bins. Thank you! I chug all my water before passing thru security and then buy some new stuff on the other side if the water fountain smells scary. Then I pour in the new water and get that plastic bottle I just purchased into the recycling bin instead of leaving it on the plane to end up in the regular refuse. Think of the whole world as you would if you were going camping. Pack out what you pack in. Leave the land unaffected by you.

Bonus : With your Sigg Bottle on your backpack, you'll be reminded to drink more water, thus becoming more hydrated, healthier, with improved complexion, with brain functions firing like a rocketship, while being less tempted to grab a soda or coffee. You're body will fall in love with you.

I don't do links very well as i'm often in a hurry to be somewhere else. so do a search on Sigg and get you some. (note - the aluminum is not ideal for hot beverages.)

Sorry for the rant.

More travel tips and money saving suggestions coming soon as this backpack is global ready.

The zig zag I travel from New York to Detroit to Cincinatti to Germany to London to Tokyo to Italy in a week's time, doesn't say much for my own carbon footprint, but I'm working on it, saving where I can, just like everyone else.

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