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Sexy Star Bikinis.

Lauren Conrad

The Hills star Lauren Conrad (in Vitamin A) works with celebrity trainer Jarett Del Bene to keep her body bikini-ready year-round. He keeps her on a high-intensity circuit training program just two or three times a week. "It includes full-body movements, boxing and lots of lunges, squats and step ups," says Del Bene. For a do-it-yourself circuit workout, combine a hike or run with breaks for lunges, squats and step-ups.

Kate Hudson

Fool’s Gold star Kate Hudson loves the California sunshine—and not just when she's sporting a little Indah bikini. Instead of sticking to the gym, Hudson breaks a sweat outside by running stairs, hiking, scuba diving, jogging or biking. “Kate is outdoors every day—she loves fresh air and a change of scenery while she works out,” says her trainer Nicole Stuart.

Kate Walsh

Private Practice star Kate Walsh shed her scrubs for a Dolce & Gabbana suit. While Walsh is perfectly toned, cellulite makes many women dread pulling off their sarongs. Dermatologist Debra Jaliman of N.Y.C.'s Mount Sinai School of Medicine says weight training can reduce some of the appearance of cellulite. "That clumpy, bumpy appearance is the result of too much fat, so toning up really helps," says Jaliman.

Christina Milian

Christina Milian (in Vix) has glowing hydrated skin to complement her buff body. "The more fresh food you can eat, the better obviously," says Teddy Bass. "It's what our bodies are made to process." A healthy diet and lots of water will brighten up your skin and keep you fueled and energized for working out.

Vanessa Hudgens

While we can't all have the youthful metabolism of 19-year-old Vanessa Hudgens, a healthy diet can produce similar results. "Seventy percent of the bikini-friendly results will be found through optimum nutrition," says celebrity trainer Grant Roberts. "The other 30 percent includes a well-designed workout program that includes weights, cardio, stretching and lifestyle management such as reducing stress and getting adequate rest."

Gisele Bundchen

Getting a Gisele Bundchen body by summer may be a bit of a stretch, but it's necessary to commit yourself whole-heartedly to your goal. "Shoot for making good choices 100 percent of the time and you'll get there 80 percent of the time," says Gunnar Peterson. The less commitment, the less results.

Blake Lively and Maria Menounos

Got time for a coffee break? Blake Lively and Maria Menounos can help maintain their enviable abs with an early-morning cup of joe. Trainer Grant Roberts suggests that black coffee can boost your metabolism and energy so you can power through an early A.M. workout.

Paris Hilton

Celebrity trainer Teddy Bass, who has worked with Paris Hilton, recommends his clients allow eight weeks to reach their bikini-body goals. "Bikini-ready bodies take one of two things: great genetics or hard work and conscious food choices," he says. For those of us without Hilton genes, Bass recommends an emphasis on cardio to burn off the calories paired with butt-toning squats and lunges.

Kristin Cavallari

Laguna Beach babe Kristin Cavallari (in Ed Hardy) worked with Mike Alexander to shape up for her new movie Wild Cherry. "Kristin really wanted to add more shape in her butt and legs, and lean up through her upper arms and shoulders," says Alexander. The trainer had Cavallari merge moves, such as one arm bicep curls with lunges, to get her stunning results.

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