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Ben Barnes and William Moseley Dazzled me....

Prince Caspian Melbz
i was there.....

Tuesday night i had free tix to see the Chronicals of Narnia: Prince Caspian opening at the Rivoli Theatre, in Melbz, Aus. Local celebrities were there ;  Rove Mcmanus (and his new gf) the kid who plays Zeak in neighbours, Lauren Newton (Bert and Pattie's daughter) and her swimmer husband, some of the blokes from The Pannel oh and that Curly haired guy from 'Around the Twist.......'
So the set up was pre-drinks at 6-30, movie starts at 7....
but due to the lateness of Prince Caspian (Ben barnes) and Peter ( William Moseley) the movie didn't really start until about 7.30...........
The 2 arrived with the director and some producer, made a speech in which the organiser referred to the movie as Prince of Persia, to which Ben Barnes stepped forward and was like, "Actually i'm Prince Caspian. " nervous laugh etc, was fairly humerous in hindsight. Then they left after
saying how ace Sydney was,...... we were in Melbz but think they were just trying to say Aus is awesome in general.....William Moseley seemed more comfortable and i didn't like how it was a huge publicity for Caspian when Peter is not going to be in any other Narnia's.
It was  fairly good movie except anyone know why he, Caspian is wearing a dress in some scenes? and that accent?  HA.

Sorry guyz, My camera was broken all night! add to the fact as i ended up sitting with curly haired man from Round the Twist, my friend was embarrased by me using my flash in the theatre.....
there was an amusing incident with the massive posters that were like 10 feet tall... the lady next to be broke the string that held them up over the stairs and it fell and me being super swish was like golly now caspians face is crumbled on the ground so i held it up and then all these waiters etc pounced on me.....they so thort it was me. in short. if a crazy ladi knocks display down. run away.

amuses me that he said this when asked about the opening in Sydney, all he said was about the book he had as a child.....
"Inside the cover, it says: 'This book belongs to Benjamin Barnes', which I had written in really crap handwriting."

dont ask me why in these pics (from the event) that Barnes is pouting so much? he looked better in stardust! hmmm i think i love peter more.
** Yes i am AUS. thats how we spell some words, like colour, favourite..... not always AMERICAN!

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