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Jackass from the Real World Austin

There was an interview in the Kansas City Star recently with Wes from RW Austin.

I gave up on this show a long time ago, but since many of you here have tuned in, I thought I would pass along his fine words of wisdom.

A frat boy who likes to party? Welcome to `The Real World'
Date: June 21, 2005

Well, howdy, ladies and gents! Pull up a chair, and we'll tell you about this young feller name of Wes, from your neck of the woods there in Kansas City.

You probably heard of this show on the MTV called "The Real World" that starts up again tonight. Nothin' 'ticularly real about it, unless you call livin' in a swanky house for free and not havin' to work much real.

Well, this year "The Real World" came a-callin' on Austin, Texas, and Wes was one of the seven roomies. Some of you know this whippersnapper. His full name is Wes Bergmann. He's 20 years old and went to Blue Valley North High School. He was into all kinds of sports there. No calf-ropin' or anything, but he was a heckuva swimmer and soccer player.

Now, Wes may be a good boy, but dang if I can tell you for sure. He looks all innocent, with his red hair and freckles, but we hear tell he's wilder than a buckin' bronco. He goes to college over to Arizona State in Tempe, which, he'll be the first to tell ya, is the No. 1 party school in the country, and I don't think they're Tupperware parties.

Anyway, talkin' to Wes, who's back home in Leawood this summer, sounds like he had a real good time in Austin. That house was just three blocks from Sixth Street, where all the bars are. Wes said he drank pert near every night. As for the young ladies of Austin, let's just say that Wes sowed his wild oats and then some.

But you know, somethin' tells me there's more to Wes than just cattin' around and throwin' back some firewater now and then...

And now that we've got that whole Western thing out of our system, here's Wes' story in his own words, with occasional comments from others.

In tonight's episode you come off as a party animal who's mostly interested in hooking up.

Wes: And that's what I was. It was like a four-month spring break for me, because every single party was twice as much fun with the cameras around just because more crazy stuff happened.

The Vegas season of "Real World" was legendary for hot-tub high jinks. How will your season compare to seasons past?

I think we make Vegas look like an after-school special. Some of the stuff definitely gets pretty raunchy. The majority of the stuff I'm talking about probably won't be able to be seen on MTV. 'Cause we knew if we were hiding they could kind of show what we were doing, but if we did it straight out in the open, no covers, even in the living room or on top of the pool table, they couldn't show it at all. What are they gonna do - blur out the whole pool table?

On top of the pool table? Was this you?

I don't know. Tune in. (Laughs)

Paul Garcia, a friend and University of Kansas student: (His parents) are probably not going to like (the show) very much. Not at all, I don't think.

Danny Young, a friend and student at Virginia Tech: They pretty much know what goes on. They just haven't seen it firsthand.

Let's say your parents see their dear son Wes doing something besides playing pool on the pool table. How will they react?

Wes: I'm telling you right now, my parents' love for me is very unconditional. I have prepped them for a lot of the bad stuff.

Did they visit you in Austin?

No. I was pretty sure they didn't want to be a part of it. It started off real bad - they really were not supportive at the beginning, but by the time I left they were actually kind of proud. I really don't think I did anything that would be too bad.

(Wes' parents, Doug and Cindy Bergmann, declined to be interviewed.)

Johanna, one of his "Real World" housemates: Wes is a huge flirt. He's definitely got his way with the ladies. I think he just has a good vibe and a great personality.

His Spanish was really good. (On the cast's vacation trip to Costa Rica) he'd say, to embarrass me in front of cabdrivers, "Yeah, she's a tigre en la cama" - a tiger in bed. So it would get the cabdrivers to start laughing.

An online posting: "Have any of you seen him with his shirt off? Wes models for a lot of different swimsuit and Speedo companies because he has the nicest abs in Texas. Not to mention that he is the best kisser on Sixth Street ..."

Wes (hanging his head and rubbing his eyes): Wow - is that what's on those things? Well, I do have to admit I had the nicest abs in Texas. And I probably was the biggest kisser on Sixth Street. So even though it's weird to hear it, I have to say she got it pretty right.

Do you model?

No, I probably told her that as a pickup line.

A-ha! Got any more?

I definitely posed as a Kansas City Wizards player. A professional poker player. A fireman.

A poker player?

Now, see, the poker player works the best, because you get to talk about how you like to take risks and how you like to throw around lots of money. Talk about money and danger, and girls don't know what to do with themselves.

Jeff Naughton, a friend and KU student: He's pretty much one of the most confident people I've ever met, because it doesn't seem possible he could be lying. ... He convinced some girls in Costa Rica that he was Prince Harry and that (castmates) Nehemiah and Danny were his bodyguards.

Jonathan Murray, executive producer of "The Real World": There was one moment when someone made a bet with him as to whether he could get a girl to make out with him within 15 minutes of walking in the bar. Just watching his willingness to go up to virtually any girl and get turned down again and again was funny. When he didn't succeed, everyone had a good laugh, including Wes.

Whitney Fuller, a friend and student at Kansas State University: I'm probably the only girl he will actually do anything for. He doesn't have that many close, close girlfriends, I would say. Dating-wise, he never really sticks with a girl that long.

Anything happen that you're dreading seeing on TV?

Wes: I really don't regret anything. But one thing I'm scared about is, I'm really good friends with my cast right now, and when you go back and watch some of the moments when I'm screaming at them or fighting about something or talking about 'em behind their backs, I'm going to feel really bad.

I was put in a position down there where the only thing to do was party. What was I gonna do? Start a business? Go to school and show how smart I am? No. The only thing to do was do our job (making a documentary at the South by Southwest music festival), which really wasn't that big of a deal, and go out and meet people and party.

Fellow cast member Johanna: He wasn't all drinking and partying. He was also smart and kind and funny. I think after a couple of episodes, people are gonna love him.

Aaron Welch, a friend and KU student: I think that even if his (serious, smart side) did come out, MTV wouldn't show it because that would just ruin the image of Wes. Serious Wes? I don't see that selling as much as controversial, crazy Wes.

What else are you all about?

Wes: I'm really entrepreneurial. My best friend and I have been starting up businesses ever since we were little, everything from shoe shining to big lawn-mowing businesses and car detailing.

What's next for you?

I'm working with a couple of different people, booking agents and stuff. I'm going to be going to bars and taking pictures and signing autographs and helping promote whatever bar I'm getting paid to go to. (He just returned from a promotional trip to Cancun, Mexico.)

Garcia, his friend: He certainly wants to ride (his new fame) as long as he can. He knows in the next year or two he has the opportunity to make a lot of money doing appearances.

Ten years from now, will we see you doing the latest "Real World/Road Rules Challenge"?

Wes: I definitely hope to do a challenge. I just want to see what that's like. But for the most part, 10 years from now, I hope to own my own business. I've got a couple different ideas. I hope to be doing that and starting a family and getting on with my real life.

Wes: 30-second bio

A 2003 grad of Blue Valley North; two-time state champion soccer player and three-time state champion swimmer.

He'll be a junior at Arizona State University, where he studies business. His GPA is about 3.5, he says. A member of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. Also plays intramural racquetball and lifts weights.

His dad, Doug Bergmann, is an electrical engineer. His mom, Cindy, works at a litigation support firm. Wes has a younger brother, Dean, 18, who just graduated from high school.

Relationship status: "For the most part I'm single."

Drives a black Dodge Ram pickup (he likes off-roading) that he paid for from lawn mowing.

Tried out for "The Real World" in Tempe, Ariz. Took a semester off to film the show between late January and early May.

Broke so much stuff (chairs, a shower door, etc.) on the show that he was presented with a bill on camera.

The seven strangers

The roomies who share the Austin "Real World" house with Wes Bergmann:

Lacey, 23, Tallahassee, Fla. Quirky "good girl" hairdresser who tells her roommates she's a virgin, with a boyfriend back home. "She comes off in the first episode as really sheltered, almost like her parents hid her from pop culture," Wes says. "But she could hang in any conversation."

Nehemiah, 19, Mesa, Ariz. Great personality and fun-loving, "one of my best friends in the house." A hard-knock background: born to a drug-addicted mom. Studied film production in college, which helps with the cast's job, making a documentary on two bands.

Melinda, 21, Germantown, Wis. A waitress and aspiring dentist. Beautiful, with a "great heart," Wes says. Favors super-skimpy outfits. She changes the most over the course of the season.

Rachel, 22, Valencia, Calif. A "Valley Girl/Iraqi war veteran" (combat nurse). On a break from her boyfriend and looking for love (or something). Tough and outspoken. By the end of the season, more than ready to leave.

Johanna, 22, Riverside, Calif. "I called her the Peruvian princess," Wes says. "She had the South American exotic-hotness look going on, and she ended up becoming probably my best friend." Fiery and opinionated. In promos, she and Wes are seen kissing.

Danny, 21, Billerica, Mass. Good-looking, athletic, sensitive. Works with his dad in construction but wants to be a lawyer. A great guy who "truly cares about others," Wes says.
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