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Melissa Hiatt was a wild wrestling fan from Tallahassee, Florida who chased around pro wrestlers as a teenager and lived out her dream by becoming the super busty  "Missy Hyatt" in the late 1980's and 1990's. Her appearances on the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling (WCW) lead her into a relationship with then-television star Jason Hervey from "The Wonder Years" and several Atlanta-based sports celebrities. 

Hyatt's falling out with Hervey's close friend (and then-WCW President) Eric Bischoff lead to her exit from the wrestling business until she was brought back into the spotlight by Paul Heyman, the genius behind the ECW 
promotion, who paired her with the beer drinking brawler "The Sandman." Hyatt's tenure in the land of Extreme came to an end, and she wrote a book titled MISSY HYATT: THE 1st LADY OF WRESTLING, which was released in 2001.

Now appearing at autograph signings and conventions, the 40+ super busty Hyatt has returned once again, this time as the hysterical antagonist on this week's edition of  "The Heyman Hustle," NewsCorp's flagship show on their broadband television network. The show, which debuted today on SUN-TV in the UK, features Heyman ask Hyatt one question ("who have you slept with lately?") and then spend his day on the streets of New York City, in a local convenience store, on the subway, listening to Hyatt blab on about what type of men she likes to sleep with. Hyatt also darts across Lexington Avenue in New York City and does an impromptu lap dance against a billboard of NY Yankee Derek Jeter.

It's the wildest "Heyman Hustle" episode to date, and Hyatt is a powerhouse of a personality, clearing the air about any misconceptions about her being a hooker (sorry guys, sex is one thing, but kissing is another), and the advantages of having sex with men who have money (and Ferraris) over men who have trucks. 

This "must-see" episode of the Hustle with professional wrestling's original sexy provocateur is available exclusively at the UK SUN's broadband television network, and you can see it  along with a sexy slideshow here:

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