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Sources: Witness To Claim Kelly Paid Her Off

Sources Say Mystery Witness Will Tell Jury She Was Paid To Return Tape Of Threesome With Kelly, Alleged Victim

Jay Levine
CHICAGO (CBS) ― High drama is on tap for the R. Kelly pornography trial on Wednesday. CBS 2 has learned there's a lot more to the story to be told by a woman claiming to have had sex with Kelly and the alleged teen victim. CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine has exclusive details.

Until now, no one's been able to say they saw R. Kelly and a young teen having sex, only that the people on the now infamous sex tape look like Kelly and the girl who called him her godfather.

Wednesday, the subject of a recent Chicago Sun-Times report will tell the jury about an alleged sexual threesome with R. Kelly and the young girl; testimony expected to trigger major fireworks in the courtroom.

The mystery witness reportedly will claim she got tens of thousands of dollars from Kelly's people to return a tape of the threesome.

But she will also be questioned about what sources close to the case call another botched extortion attempt, which resulted in what prosecutors said, in court, were "Mr. Adam's attempts to have her arrested."

It's not clear which of Kelly's attorneys, Sam Adam Sr. or Sam Adam Jr., they were talking about or what grounds they wanted her arrested.

Sources told CBS 2 there's no videotape of Kelly with that woman or any proof that she demanded or received any money from his people.

In court Tuesday, witnesses including the alleged victim's cousin, Benny Edwards, identified Kelly and the girl as those on the sex tape, though he said he couldn't be 100 percent sure.

But it is Wednesday's testimony that could be explosive, providing either the prosecution's best witness or a major embarrassment.

There have been secret meetings about the witness scheduled to testify Wednesday, detailing what she could say about those sensitive issues.

The testimony was beginning at 11 a.m.


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