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empires release "howl" online for free


To whom this concerns,

So after eighteen months of writing and recording, Empires has posted 'HOWL' for free at weareempires.com to be downloaded.

We are not sure what to expect from this. Together, we felt it was important to see this record to the very end and get the music out as fast and easy as possible to you. While you are listening, we hope you notice that there is something for everyone on the record. But with that being said, 'Howl' is not just for you. We are askingthat you to spread the word and encourage others onto Empires if youbelieve in what we are doing as much as we do. Empires is for everyone.

if you like what you hear, please send it to a friend.

Empires 'HOWL' - 5.27.08

We give you 'HOWL'

01.) Spit the Dark
02.) I Want Blood
03.) Modern Love
04.) Valmont
05.) Believe!
06.) Late Night Rendezvous
07.) Warning Mark
08.) Don't Let it Fool You
09.) Under the Bright Lights
10.) All Night Long
11.) Midnight Land
12.) My Poor Lover
13.) Keep the Mood
14.) Anywhere
15.) Hayley

I don't even know where to begin really. 'Howl' just sort of sneaked up on us. With the intention of recording demos, an album took shape unexpectedly. We knew we could not re-capture what was being tracked at the time, so we just rolled with it. Its been a long time in making since we started in September of 2007 but 'Howl' could not be a more accurate representation of Empires.

The most important concept about 'Howl' this that we did it all ourselves. The writing, performing, recording, artwork... everything. We wanted to see it to the very end, which is why we are releasing it ourselves. I've always been a believer in the more we can do on our own, the stronger we will be.

On May 27, 2008 you will be able to download our debut full length for free at www.weareempires.com.

thank you.
-tom / empires

i know there's got to be other people who care about them here. for the "who?!?!" crowd: it's tom conrad's (formerly of the academy is...) "new" band. this is way better than tai, imo.
myspace - http://www.myspace.com/empires
last.fm - http://www.last.fm/music/empires

source: this & this.

ETA: no, they did not steal the title from BRMC; theirs isn't the first 'howl' to begin with. in this particular case the title is from "the war of art" by steven pressfield. calm down. the world/empires is not out to get you or BRMC. i doubt BRMC gives a flying fuck about these guys.

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