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On same day of arrest, Noah also received traffic citations.

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Joakim Noah had more than one run-in with the law at the University of Florida on Memorial Day weekend.

On the same day the Bulls center was arrested for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and having an open container of alcohol, he also was issued two traffic citations.

Noah, 23, was issued citations for driving with a suspended license and for not wearing a seat belt by the University of Florida Police Department on Sunday.

Noah's speeding Hummer was stopped, which led to the officer learning of the suspended license.

Florida coach Billy Donovan told the Gainesville Sun that he talked to Noah.

"He's realized he made a mistake," Donovan told the newspaper. "I want to see what happens with everything that went on there. In my conversation with him, he feels bad.

"The thing I've tried to talk to him about is there are so many young kids who look up to him, and he's such a giving kid and he's always given his time. He needs to turn this into a positive and being able to help young kids because he has a great opportunity to really help a lot of people. I told him to try to turn this into a positive because he's got enough of a personality that he can do that."

On Wednesday, Noah's father said he didn't understand the fuss being made about his son's arrest.

"I don't understand all that fuss for just drinking a beer on the street," Yannick Noah said Tuesday at the French Open.

Joakim could face up to six months in jail and a $500 fine for the marijuana charge.

"I talk to him every day on the phone," said Yannick Noah, who was at Roland Garros on Tuesday for the dedication of a walkway named after him. "He'll soon come over to France to see me."

Joakim Noah led Florida to consecutive NCAA titles before being picked ninth by the Bulls in the NBA draft last year.


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