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Chris Cagle, Girlfriend Jailed on Domestic Assault Charges.

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Chris Cagle and his girlfriend were being held in a Nashville jail Wednesday morning (May 28) after both were arrested hours earlier on domestic assault charges, according to WTVF-TV in Nashville. At the time of his arrest, Cagle already faced trial on a misdemeanor assault charge in connection with an altercation on Dec. 13 outside a nightclub in Tucson, Ariz.

Cagle's latest arrest occurred around 4:40 a.m. Wednesday after he and girlfriend Jennifer Taut visited Players Inn, a bar located west of Nashville in the Bellevue community. Police reports indicate the couple got into a verbal dispute after leaving the bar and that the disagreement apparently escalated into a physical altercation once they arrived at Cagle's home.

After arriving at Cagle's house, officers determined that Cagle and Taut appeared to be intoxicated and that both showed signs of physical abuse. According to a police affidavit, Cagle had a bump on his head caused by Taut hitting him with an umbrella, and Taut had a scrape on her lip and a sore arm from Cagle hitting her with her purse. According to the television station, the couple refused to leave the house, and Taut told police she would rather go to jail than leave Cagle's home.

Cagle and Taut were arrested and taken into custody under Tennessee state domestic violence laws that considered both of them to be a primary aggressor. The law also mandates that both of them remain in jail until 4:40 p.m. Wednesday. Bond has been set at $1,500 each.

In his previous legal scrape, Cagle is scheduled to stand trial on Sept. 23 in Tucson on a misdemeanor assault charge in connection with an altercation outside a local nightclub. He is accused of punching Mark Barry of Tucson after Barry's girlfriend became verbally abusive because the singer refused to sign an autograph for her. Police said Cagle had already signed several items for her. During a preliminary hearing on April 21, Cagle's attorney said the singer acted in self-defense. Barry has filed a civil suit against Cagle and his sound engineer, Kenneth Hoyt.


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