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TV Spoilers!!

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Ausiello on Lost, Grey's, NCIS, Heroes, Tree Hill and More!

Most series have had their finales by now, so much of this is random stuff on casting for next season. Thus, most aren't real spoilers. So I'm putting the actual kinda spoilers at the bottom, and cutting the non-spoiler answers at the top to save room.

Question: Any chance Lauren Graham changed her mind about

Ausiello: No chance, I'm afraid. But based on some of the other names being tossed around to play Bobby Cannavale's lovah half (********* ***** and ******* ****** to name two), I have every confidence that Rob Thomas will find a worthy successor to Paula Marshall.

Question: Screw the naysayers. I'm stoked
Tori Spelling
is returning to
. Any idea how many episodes she'll be doing?

Ausiello: As of now she's signed on for three episodes (including a cameo in the premiere). Her participation beyond that is TBD.

Question: Now that the
finale has aired, can you tell us which kiss was the "major" one that Shonda Rhimes was talking about?

Ausiello: Based on her morning-after post-mortem, I think she was referring to Mer/Der's big smooch. Personally, the Alex/Izzie kiss was the only one that made me lean into the TV.

Question: I just watched an interview with Patrick Dempsey where he mentions that the next season of
Grey's Anatomy
will be 30-34 episodes long. Any scoop on that?

Ausiello: Really? He said that? My sources are telling me it'll be closer to 24 episodes.

Question: Some scoop on
? I heard that the CW might do something with it.

Ausiello: Moonlight on the CW? Ain't happening. Sorry.

Question: Please tell me there is some truth to the rumors that the Sci Fi channel may be interested in picking up

Ausiello: It's half true. Sci Fi passed on picking up new episodes, but there's still a chance it could air
episodes. Short story shorter: Keep fighting!

Question: Any word on whether
Michaela McManus
(Lindsey) is returning to
One Tree Hill
next season

Ausiello: Based on the finale, I'd say there's a 33.333333 percent shot, right? Truth be told, no final decision has been made yet. Wisely, McManus isn't twiddling her thumbs waiting for producers to decide her fate. The up-and-comer has booked a juicy guest stint on CSI: NY to air next fall. She'll play a flight attendant who gets caught up in a hijack scheme and ends up helping Mac.

Question: Any info as to when
will return? And now that
AnnaLyne McCord
(who plays Portia De Rossi's daughter) has been cast in the new 90210, what will happen with her character?

Ausiello: Sounds like someone (read: Stacie) neglected to watch last week's Ausiello Report vodcast, in which the Nip/Tuck minx answers both those questions. (BTW, an FX rep denies McCord's assertion that Nip/Tuck is coming back this summer. They claim the show's return date is TBD.)

Question: Is
Desperate Housewives
casting for Lynette's now-teen terrors? Is
Brothers & Sisters
casting the role of long-lost Walker, Ryan? Are any
characters going to show up on
The Game
to wrap up their storylines? What's dream Emmy nominee
Amy Pietz
doing now that Aliens in America is done?

Ausiello: Normally, I'd enforce the "Only one question per Aushole" rule, but considering I left you guys high and dry last week, I'll make an exception just this once. Your answers are as follows: Yes, yes, perhaps, and testing for pilots.

Spoilers behind their respective cuts:

Question: OK, Ausiello, get me psyched for the
two-hour finale on Thursday! — Al

Ausiello: The significant death I hinted in the last AA? It's for sure an original cast member.
This just in
: Better make that (gulp)
original cast members. That's right, per my Lost mole, a trio of island vets won't survive tomorrow's finale. Crikey!

scoop, please!— Nierah

Ausiello: I hear someone may be preggers — and that someone shared a red-hot smooch in the finale!

Question: How about throwing me a bone about
? — Dee

Ausiello: Casting scoop! Sources confirm to me exclusively that Jessalyn Gilsig is reprising her role as Claire's white-trash mom for five episodes next season.

Question: Now how 'bout some
Boston Legal
casting scoop for next season? Every year, they discard most of the "below the marquee" talent. — NYJEEP

Ausiello: The only "locks" for next season are James Spader and, surprisingly, Christian Clemenson. There are no deals currently in place for William Shatner or Candice Bergen to return, but everyone expects that to change in the next few weeks. As for the rest of the cast — or the "below the marquee" talent, as you so aptly put it — they should probably start looking for other work. If they haven't already.

Samantha Who
? Samantha What? Samantha When? Samantha Where? I'm easy — just gimme something, please! — Darius

Ausiello: Let's go with who and when. The hitcom is casting three new roles to debut next season. First up is Dr. Andy Adams, Sam's a-dork-able neurologist who, once her insurance stops covering her treatments, finally gets the opening he's been waiting for to ask her out. Don't expect the path to be clear for him, though. In addition, the show is on the lookout for someone to play Owen, a squeaky-clean but filthy-rich Bruce Wayne type who's catnip to the ladies. Finally, there's Seth, so named because producers are going for a Seth Rogan archetype — a sloppy goofball who answers to the name "Dude" as often as the name "Seth." Oh, and here's another little tidbit for you: One of these roles is
to going to an actor who's highly recognizable as the big-screen sidekick of a current House regular. How lucky are you people? I mean, really — you not only get your AA questions answered, but sometimes, when you're really, really good, I give you a blind item within the answer.
tube_fiend note: I'm guessing John Cho, the Harold to Kal Penn's Kumar.

Question: I'll take a
Big Love
scooplet, kind sir. — Megan

Ausiello: One of the three Emmy-worthy leads will face a cancer scare this season.

Question: You would have to take the week off when
drops three big bombs on all of us. What gives? — Tygerbam

Ausiello: What gives is… I'm about to more than make it up to you with the following exclusive mini-Q&A with exec producer Shane Brennan featuring your burning questions about the season finale! Woo-hoo!

• Are they really writing out McGee, DiNozzo and Ziva à la House, or will they all be back next season?! Patrick

: No fan of NCIS will be disappointed when the show returns in September. I promise, we're not doing a House! But strap into your seats, it's going to be a heart stopping ride....

• Please, please, please tell me that they’re not really breaking up the team on NCIS! Lu Ann

: Deep breaths. Everything is going to be fine. This is Gibbs' team, right?

• Will the show be introducing any new team members next season? Chris

: Yes. And no.

Question: After seeing that explosive finale for
Criminal Minds
, I have to ask: Is someone leaving the show?— Carly

Ausiello: I'm guessing not. When asked who got blown up in the episodes final seconds, exec producer Ed Bernero said in this week's issue of TV Guide, "The person who's injured is the right person to have been injured, and it will all make sense when you see the rest of this story." Notice how he said
and not
? Notice also how I repurposed a fairly innocuous quote from the magazine to distract you from the fact that I really don't have an answer to your question? I'm sneaky like that.

Question: Thank you so much for the reassuring scoop about Jensen Ackles' return to
(as if any of us ever doubted it, come
!). But what I'm worried about is how much Dean is going to change. — Meredith

Ausiello: Yeah, well, can't help you there. Dean
going to change. Big time.

Question: Long time reader, first time questioner: What gives with the
finale? While I thoroughly enjoyed it, half the cast is either presumed dead or planning on leaving! What is the latest on who is staying and/or leaving? — Adrienne

Ausiello: There will be numerous injuries, but only one death.

Question: Thanks for all the awesome
of late. At the risk of seeming greedy… oh, what the hell, gimme more! — Ashley

Ausiello: The show has cast the Mexican George Clooney (aka Demian Bichir) to play Mary Louise Parker's new love interest this season. His character, Esteban, is the mayor of Tijuana, and he's described as sexy, dangerous and powerful — the trifecta!
tube_fiend note: Oh, for fuck's sake - now she's hooking up with the mayor of Tijuana?! This show has jumped the shark. How can they even keep the same theme song, when it is so far removed from being about a drug dealer living in the 'burbs now???

Dirty Sexy Money
dirt please?— Doug

Ausiello: Would you believe Simon Elder has a son? Well, believe it. The demon’s spawn, who we’ll meet early next season, is 17 and is not a big fan of pop’s new girlfriend.


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