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Fembot Speaks Exclusively To MSN

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As soon as pop superstar Rihanna heard a rough version of Take A Bow (written by singer -Ne-Yo) she knew it had to be hers. Not only was she attracted to the piano-led track about dealing with a cheating boyfriend ("It's just such a great sassy song. It's a feminist anthem. I just love songs that girls can see eye to eye with") but it was also a topic that Rihanna herself could relate to.

"I've been cheated on. When I was young my boyfriend was unfaithful, it happens," she told us.

We bet the guy concerned is still kicking himself.

The Barbadian beauty continued: "What did I do? I walked away. If someone does it once he's going to do it again. I wasn't in a marriage, you know, so as soon as something like that happens you have to walk away."

"Oh I love Umbrella. I could never get tired of listening to it. I don't know why. There are a few songs of mine that I sometimes get bored of playing but never Umbrella. The audience goes crazy when it comes on. I could never tire of that."

However, the singer ,20, has struggled to adjust to the constant media attention after the success of Umbrella made her a global superstar - most notably the focus on her relationship with 'close friend' RnB star Chris Brown.

"I don't have a private life," she admits. "It's been hard to adjust to it all. It's been hard, definitely. But it's something you just have to deal with."

One thing the Barbadian beauty is happy to talk about though is her work. She is working on her next album with a certain red hot producer. "I love Mark Ronson. We've talked about doing some thing together on my next album."

And is she a fan of Ronson favourite Amy Winehouse? "Oh I love Amy. I think she's great, so unique. I love her album. And I also love what Duffy is doing, she's brilliant as well."

When we tell her she should form a supergroup with Winehouse and Duffy, she can barely hide her excitement, "How amazing would that be," she squeals. "We've all got three different voices, it would be brilliant. Now that would be a feminist anthem."

Be afraid gentleman, be very afraid.

Take A Bow is out now.


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