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Just to Clear Things Up

Hey guys...

Yes, Dolly Parton got plastic surgery and I have the closest we're going to get to definitive proof. I've collected a shitload of pictures of her boobs and face before and after from all different angles and lightings. I've even compiled a blow-for-blow list in preparation of the inevitable idiot objections flying my way.

Why am I doing this? Because I'm sick and tired of people denying that celebrities had PS even when it's painfully obvious.

1."My boobies grew during puberty!"

2."I lost ten pounds and now my boobs are bigger than they used to be!"
Hook me up with some of that Bloussant, stat!

3."Dolly was still in puberty in the befores!"
You could argue that's still the tail-end of puberty, but it's extremely unlikely her boobs would get that firm and solid. Boobs sag as they age.
Noses are made of cartilidge and bone. DUHZ! Bones and cartilidge don't shrink when you get older. They only get bigger.

4."Her mammaries are made of bones and cartilidge!"
You actually might be onto something...

5."It's just the way she does her makeup."
You have a point. Anyone who wears makeup like that is bound to look like a clown who's undergone massive amounts of plastic surgery.

6."Omgz! I'm glad Lindsay's boobs are back, but she's still TOTALLY annorexic! Look at those arms!"
I'm Brian Fellow!

Hopefully, that will silence some of the idiots. Somehow I doubt it...
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