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The Amazing Vanishing Nose

Yes, Angelina got a nose job and I have the closest we're going to get to definitive proof. I've collected a shitload of pictures of her nose before and after from all different angles and lightings. I've even compiled a blow-for-blow list in preparation of the inevitable idiot objections flying my way.

Why am I doing this? Because I'm sick and tired of people denying that celebrities had PS even when it's painfully obvious.

Warning: some of these are NSFW.
Notice, how her old nose was more upturned with a wider bridge and a shorter tip:


1.Duh -- that's just because of the different lighting/angles/makeup in the photos! Sorry, but you'll never get somebody to pose at exactly the same angle, with the same lighting and the same makeup, so you'll have to use that little thing inside your noggin, atrophied as it may be, and INFER the size and shape of a nose based on how it looks in different contexts. It's the concept of object constancy and most people master it between the ages of four and nine.

2.That's because she's younger in the before and older in the after. Noses can shrink as you get older. It's the opposite. Noses are one of the only body parts that continue to get bigger, and nasal anomalies like bulbous tips, hooks or wide bridges only WORSEN as a person matures.
Here's an excerpt from "Postoperative Care of The Patient After Nasal Surgery" by Jennifer C. Simpson, RN, BLA and Patricia L. Fields, RN, BS:
Only two parts of the human body continue to grow throughout life. One is the earlobe; the other is the nose. Nasal anomalies tend to worsen as people age, especially hooked, long, or thick, bulbous tipped noses.
The nose NEVER shrinks or gets thinner. The rest of the face may grow to make it look relatively smaller, but it doesn't actually shrink. It wouldn't make anatomical sense for a body part to grow to a certain size and then change it's mind. Think about it.

3.I lost ten pounds and now my nose is thinner and smaller than it used to be! Noses are made of cartilage and bone, not fat. Cartilage and bone. See here (from the same source):
A pyramid-shaped structure, the nose consists of cartilage and bones. It can be divided into upper, middle, and lower thirds. The long, upper third is comprised of two nasal bones and nasal processes of the maxilla. Two upper lateral cartilages form the frame of the middle third. Two alar cartilages form the lower third. They are divided by the columella nasi, producing the two nares, which are used for air exchange. Supporting the entire structure is the nasal septum.
I guess it's plausible that if you're overweight some fat might collect over your nose, but Angelina was never overweight.

4.Angelina was still in puberty in the befores! No, she was actually in her early twenties in all of those photos. You could argue that's still the tail-end of puberty, but it's extremely unlikely her nose would change to that degree that late (except for the worse).

Hopefully, that will silence some of the idiots. Somehow I doubt it...
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