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Talking With ANTM Winner Whitney

Yeah, I gave ONTD a shoutout...sorta.

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So what will you be up a few weeks from now when things settle down? 
Everything: I've already booked out the next couple weeks. It's pretty exciting. I meet with my representative form Elite today so I'll figure all of that out. This upcoming week I'm in In Touch magazine, People, and then Seventeen comes out and my billboard comes out.

Are you happy with how you turned out on the show? Do you feel like we saw the real you?
Yeah, I do. It's funny because most of the girls say, "No, they didn't show it right," and I, obviously, was not shown that great on the show. I don't look like the nicest person in the world. I'm going to tell you straight up, that's me, that's my personality. It was edited pretty appropriately. That's just the truth. In real life, I'm a real person. You have ups and downs and sometimes you're nice and sometimes you're not and that's just me.

Do you keep in touch with anyone from the show?
Oh, yeah. Anya and I are still best friends: I just visited her in Hawaii. I still talk to Marvita, Stacy Ann, Lauren, Claire, Aimee. I just went out with Fatima this past week in New York. We still talk, but it's different after the show's over. 

I saw some pictures on a Web site of you modeling pre-ANTM where you didn't look full-figured. What's the story with that? 
I've only ever modeled locally in Jacksonville, Florida. I didn't do any big campaigns. Those are from Jacksonville Magazine. I had a great photographer who does some  great airbrushing too, but I'm not small in those pictures. I'm about maybe a size 6 or an 8, because those are from high school.


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