'Naked' Miley Ray Cyrus To Be Replaced By Selena Gomez Because Of Naked Pictures


Disney executives are preparing to push Miley Ray Cyrus aside and replace her
with the more demure Selena Gomez, according to reports. Miley's image has been
tarnished by the release of her topless photos in Vanity Fair magazine.

Marc Malkin, of E! Entertainment, claims the Disney Corporation is extremely
unhappy with Miley and her bosses are now lining up a replacement in Selena, who
has starred as her rival on Hannah Montana. 'I'm told Disney executives are so
worried about Cyrus' recent controversies that, more than ever, they want to
make Gomez an even bigger star.

Wizards of Waverly Source <-- I might've tried too hard with that one, lol :(

I like Selena, I guess, so it would be a nice change of... scenery? I mean, I don't dislike her... I don't think Wizards of Waverly Place is a great show, though. Hopefully her new movie with Demi Lovato (who I'm beginning to like), Princess Protection Program, makes her more popular, because otherwise, I think she's easily forgettable. Even though I'm getting a little sick of Miley, Selena doesn't have the same type of star quality that Miley has.

ETA: Let me just say that Disney's probably not letting Miley go any time soon, I guess just right now b/c of the whole "Miley scandal" they're going to promote Selena and her show a whole lot more. Just to clear that up :)