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Bam Lied About Bedding Jessica...

When the jilted ex-fiancée of MTV’s Bam Margera called a Philadelphia radio station claiming he’d slept with Jessica Simpson, the denials from both parties and the source’s suspect motives had every celeb rag holding their noses. Every rag except Star, that is. Insiders at the magazine say that—contrary to their oft-trumpeted policy of no longer paying sources—Star shelled out $8,000 for “exclusive interviews” with Margera and his ex, Jennifer Rivell. In the latest issue, on stands today, the pair supposedly “sets the record straight” about the latest stain on Simpson’s marriage. But the multi-page spread should have been headlined “Viva La Scam!” insiders say.

“Jennifer and Bam were holding out for the highest bidder,” says a source close to the former couple, who, we hear, are in on their “feud” together. “They’d been dating for seven years—since he was only 18-—and have been friends since childhood. Their engagement was never real anyway, and he cheated on her with tons of girls.”

A source close to the Jackass alum says that on April 19-—the night of Simpson’s supposed infidelity—Margera went back with Jessica and 10 other pals to Simpson’s parents’ house in L.A. after partying at a Metal Skool show at The Roxy until 2 a.m.

“Everyone slept at Jessica’s,” says the source, “but no one slept with Jessica, except maybe her little dog.” Asked about the story, Star spokesman Stu Zakim insisted that the interviews were won through “old-fashioned, hardcore journalism—payment was not an issue.” Zakim continued, with a straight face, “Star magazine does not pay its sources. That is our policy.” Margera’s reps did not return calls for comment by press time.

SOURCE: Radar Online
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