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Kirsten Dunst reveals identity of new boyfriend

Newest Kirsten Dunst Relationship Revealed During Candid Interview

In the social slash romantic aspect, she stated that her and Jake were no longer together, and they have not gotten back together as rumors have suggested. One note she wanted to add, is that they are very much still friends and any new man in her life has to be mature enough to accept that.

With that said, she seems to have found just that person. Although she never fully explained how they met, she has admitted to have taken part in a new relationship. "If I could describe my new relationship in one word, it would have to be blossoming" explained Dunst. She feels very strongly that this will be another long term romance, and she couldn't be happier about that.

When asked how she can be so sure, she offered the following explanation: "In Hollywood long term relationships are extremely rare these days, to combat this I decided to take a chance on the real world to produce a real relationship." To protect the privacy of her relationship, and the privacy of her boyfriend, she decided to divulge only a handful of details.

Kirsten stated that he is a couple years younger at 21 years of age, although he will turn 22 this July. At first she completely denied releasing his name, but after a few attempts to hold back, she requested to put the interview on hold as she called him on the telephone.

Once permission was granted the name that was released is Fred Riahi. Don't be too upset if it isn't familar to your ears, he's only a Pepperdine University student majoring in Business Administration. A contact at the prestigious university confirmed that there is a Fred Riahi attending there, and that his major is Business Administration.
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