Bowie's daughter listens to Hilary Duff

David Bowie's supermodel wife Iman has admitted that her daughter's musical tastes are drastically different from her father's.

Iman said that seven-year-old Alexandria Zahra is a big fan of pop music but Bowie has to walk out of the room when she plays her albums.

"Two weeks ago Alexandria was listening to Hilary Duff songs. David just leaves the room. He thinks she should be listening to underground music," Iman is quoted as saying in The Sun.

Bowie recently confirmed that he will release a live album titled David Bowie, Live Santa Monica '72 on June 30. The LP was recorded during his 'Ziggy Stardust' tour of the US.


Click this one for, what I suspect, is a picture of his daughter. - ok, picture is of Will Smith's lil girl, not Iman & Bowie's kid. I haven't seen a pic of her since she was a baby, but some one posted one on pg 2 of the comments.

Before anyone goes off saying "But she's just 7!" I was listening to Alice Cooper, Kiss, and Bowie at 5. I did go a tidbit more pop when I hit 10-12, but quickly went back to more underground stuff. Maybe she's just not going to be into music like her dad...