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Oh yes, he did.

Anyone read that Q&A interview with Vince Vaughn in the latest issue of Jane? He came off kind of... douche-y towards the end.

"In my Hollywood fantasy, I'd swagger up to 35-year old Vince Vaughn and his half-sipped mai tai, ask if I could join him at the bar, then lay down a few charming come-ons. Maybe he'd share a few inside stories about working with Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell in Wedding Crashers that would have me smiling coyly before I whisked him off for a light-hearted one-night stand, after which I'd dump him and never return his repeated phone calls. Not the reality where he... well, read on.

So I don't know if you've been warned, but this is for our "bare" issue and my editors want me to ask if you could do this interview naked.

Very interesting.

So could you get naked?

Is this really the conversation we're having, Claudine?

I'm just kidding. Well, I'm not really kidding but with that in mind, have you ever been asked to do something for work that you were embarrassed by?

Not really. You kind of learn that the more committed you are, it's more about the character and not really thinking about outside stuff.

You seem like an actor who doesn't necessarily need to memorize lines, who can elicit humor as easily through improv.

Not necessarily. The thing you want to do is get so comfortable with your lines that it seems like you're not reading lines. I like to really know my character and know the lines. You have to understand the intention of the scene, so you're not just there trying to say funny things in the moment. In fact, that usually won't work because it may not have anything to do with the movie you're trying to shoot.

You don't seem to be much of a relationship guy, like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt or Ben Affleck, who always seem to be in very public ones.

I've been in relationships; thankfully, they haven't been very public. But there's no real answer for it. If you meet someone who you really like, you hang out with them. Sometimes it last a couple months, sometimes it lasts longer and sometimes you go through spans where you're not with anyone at all in a serious way.

Does that bother you?

No, no, no. I really don't look for that kind of thing. All relationships have to be something you're really into. Some people like to be in relationships for relationship's sake but I've never been that way.

You're very serious. I imagined you be more...

Rule No. 1 is there's nothing funny about comedy. Comedy is an overcommitment to the absurd.

Uh, okay. You were one of Playgirl magazine's 10 sexiest men in 1998. Do you remember that?

I don't.

Is that exciting news for you?

I don't pay attention to that stuff much. Sometimes you're in the top 10, sometimes you're off the radar.

Do you consider yourself a sex symbol?


No big deal? Whatever?


What are things that are important to you?

This is becoming like Teen Beat now. Next it's what's my favorite color.

What do you have against Teen Beat?

Nothing. I think that that's geared toward a certain audience and they ask certain questions. And when you asked me the naked question - I thought this was for an older, more mature audience.

It is, but naked has many interpretations.

Well, that would be fascinating for a bunch of people to sit around a coffee shop and discuss, I'm sure, but I'm not one of them."

I don't know, maybe he was just having a bad day or made a bet with someone or something.

I typed this up out of the magazine, so pardon any typos & left out words or whatever.

And, yes, I know just because you do a few funny movies or often find yourself in roles that provide the comic relief, you shouldn't be expected to be funny all the time. My point is, it's Jane, not The New Yorker or Newsweek. They're notoriously light-hearted & silly when it comes to celebrity interviews (something that his publicist could've warned him about since he obviously was unfamiliar with the magazine & their style). Loosen up, relax, don't take the questions so seriously, that's all. IT'S ALRIGHT TO SMILE, VINCIE.
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