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They showed some footage on the news tonight of Nicole Kidman in tears at the Bewitched Premiere and yelling at a photographer, had a quick look to see what went down. Here's the goss:

Sophie Tedmanson, Entertainment reporter
June 15, 2005

NICOLE Kidman was left distraught at the world premiere of her latest movie in New York yesterday after finding out her personal make-up artist Robert McCann had died just hours before.

After walking the red carpet for Bewitched, wearing make-up usually applied by McCann, Kidman burst into tears when asked about the man who, as a member of her professional styling team, had travelled the world with her over the past six years and had become a close friend.

She also clashed with a photographer, reportedly shouting and waving her finger and telling him: "You're the rudest, you're finished here."

Another photographer was quoted by The Daily Telegraph as saying Kidman's "face just fell" when the man spoke to her. "Whatever he said he ruined it for everyone else, because after that she kept her head down and only stayed for another 60 seconds."

Scottish-born McCann, who was in his 40s, reportedly died of a heart attack in the New York apartment he was staying in while working on one of Kidman's latest projects. McCann, who was based in London, was reportedly introduced to Kidman by filmmaker Stanley Kubrick on the set of the 1999 thriller Eyes Wide Shut and worked with her on many of her award-winning films, including The Others, Cold Mountain, and Dogville.

McCann had recently travelled to Australia to work with Kidman on the ill-fated Eucalyptus, where he was to be one of the chief make-up artists.

Kidman's Australian publicist, Wendy Day, said the actor would have been "absolutely shattered" by McCann's death. "We all loved him, he was like family," she said. "He was such a humourous, congenial, intelligent and funny man. He was very classy and very witty, we're all staggered by what's happened."


June 15, 2005

AN upset Nicole Kidman might well have wished for the supernatural powers of her character Samantha Stevens after she broke into an argument at the New York premiere of her film, Bewitched.

But it was more a case of angry finger-pointing than nose-twitching when she snapped at a photographer in the media pack.

While the night began as expected, with the cool and collected Kidman arriving at New York's Ziegfeld Theatre in a limousine and fans shouting to attract her attention, her mood changed within seconds.

After stepping on to the red carpet, and smiling and posing for pictures with co-star Will Ferrell, Cranky Kidman emerged when comments were passed by a local photographer.

The photographer shouted something at Kidman, and booed when Kidman turned around and told him he was "rude" and "finished", according to one witness.

The confrontation is being blamed on a rough day following news that Kidman's make-up artist, Robert McCann, was found dead in his New York apartment.

Associated Press photographer Stuart Ramson, who was standing nearby, did not hear what the photographer shouted but he said Kidman's smile vanished instantly.

"Her face just fell. I thought, whoa, something's happened. Then she called over her publicist, who went over and had a word with the guy but Nicole must have changed her mind about approaching him, because she stormed over and started shouting and waving her finger at him.

"She said something like, 'You're the rudest, you're finished here,' " according to Ramson.

"Whatever he said he ruined it for everyone else, because after that she kept her head down, and only stayed for another 60 seconds."

Kidman's relationship with photographers has soured in the past year.

She attempted to take out an AVO against two Sydney photographers who earlier this year were accused of planting a listening device outside her home.

On her most recent trip home to Sydney for the world premiere of The Interpreter, she again took on photographers who pestered her about rumours she was pregnant.

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