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Lauren STILL can't get right...*SMH*

Lauryn Hill
By Sonia Murray | Sunday, June 12, 2005, 02:37 AM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

What many expected to be the highlight of the Vibe MusicFest concerts ended up being a big “Huh?!” “What?!” “Did that really happen?!”

Reclusive hip-hop superstar Lauryn Hill reappeared Saturday — actually Sunday morning — in Atlanta and put on a show almost as curious as her behavior reportedly has been out of the spotlight.

Dressed in 60s mod attire and what appeared to be a mushroom wig, she was a striking contrast to the contemporary, dred-locked cover model who won a history-making five Grammys with her solo debut, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”

Still it seemed like this could be the old Lauryn when she opened with “Doo Wop-That Thing” from “Miseducation” rather than a selection from her last release — a spare, miserable “MTV Unplugged” CD.

But her band was distorted. And her usually full, soulful voice was unusually raw and weakened.

Hill trudged through three more favorites from “Miseducation,” some fiery spoken word — then abruptly left the stage. After which there was no applause. No boos. No anything, except perhaps stunned silence.

As people made their way to the exits, word spread that it was the venue’s curfew that cut Hill’s show short. Whether or not that’s true, many will simply chalk it up to Lauryn being Lauryn — as least the Lauryn she’s been lately.

A Fans review from the VibeFest

Man i went to the Vibe Music Fest this weekend down here in the Dome, and I have to say it was really cool and worth the money... Amerie, she only didnt three songs, she cant sing, but she looked good,... Kesha Cole came out twice, she was cool too..she gained some weight and she sunged I'm going down live- acapella pretty good, B5 dudes were on pointe even thought they lip sung they gave a good show, the dance moves were real tight.

John Legend- i would have to say he was the best performer both night, OMG dud showed his azz, music was on point.-

but to get to the worst moment of both nights, and its true ya'll Lauryn Hill Sucks
man, she had us wait for about 45min, she comes on stage dont say nothing but how are ya'll doing and it sound so fake, then she goes into doo woop- her voice wasnt there - but she still sound and looked good.. but she was very divaish, she had on this japan looking wig, some africa ear rings, i mean lauryn just sucked, she was telling the band to start over, everyone started to leave except for her fans, so i continue to stayed even thought she was pissing me off, but how about on her four song which was exfactor-
she just say good nite and walk off the stage, everybody booed her man, she was horriable.. i mean she only didnt four songs and just walk off the stage, it was real nasty, i cant describe in words- how it looked, she didnt speak to the audience, it was like ok im here, lets do these couple of songs and get the hell on....Lauryn Hill sucked azz....she lost alot of points with the i guess all the neg reports about her is true...fuk Ms. Hill- I will never see her live again...

Oh yeah ya girl faith looked and sound good...the best song was Soon as I get home..

"Lauryn has turned into a homopohobic crackhead.

At the Atlanta Vibefest she was talking about women who lie with women, men who lie with men, ladyboys etc.

And apparently one of the stage hands caught her snortin coke.

She is a wreck. Her band was fucked up and she was cussing them on stage, she was singing out of key and had to keep restarting, finally leaving early.

This woman is going to BOMB when she comes back." -

"Dressed in 60s mod attire and what appeared to be a mushroom wig"


:lol: :lol: :lol:

"fuk Ms. Hill- I will never see her live again..."

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