Paris Hilton Interview

I've seen bits of it posted, but this is the whole interview.

Jaded studio employees on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, LA, have seen it all - but every head turns when Paris Hilton walks across the parking lot, chatting on her cell phone before she climbs into the back of a waiting black limo for a bit more privacy.

Of course, privacy is the one thing the super-rich, super-fabulous Paris doesn't have these days, but she seems to be handling all the goldfish-bowl attention with her usual sense of humor, and five minutes later, Paris emerges from the limo, cell phone still clamped to her ear, as she heads inside for a chat about her big new film, the horror remake "House of Wax."

In person, Paris is anything but the incompetent airhead she so successfully plays on her hit TV show "The Simple Life." Taller (at least five-feet ten-inches) and even slimmer than she looks on screen, she's dressed in a silky black top, skin tight jeans and 4-inch spike heels that make her tower over some of the stylists and make up people swarming around her in preparation for a photo shoot later on.
She's also even prettier in the flesh, with small, perfect features and her trademark platinum hair pulled back in a simple ponytail today. And she's quick to laugh and joke about her anything-but-simple life as she talks about everything from her shopping habits and the problems of having Size 11 feet, to ghosts, her plans for marriage and motherhood, and how she likes to hunt frogs in her spare time.

What's the most money you've spent on something you've later decided you don't like?

(thinks for a minute) You know what? I get sick of everything I buy. Like, I just went to Japan and I bought all these really cool electronic toys and things, and I was like, ‘Oh, this is so awesome!' One was like this TV that you can take around with you everywhere you go, and it's a flat screen, but I'm just too lazy to read all the directions, and I never got it all set up. And I do that with everything I buy like that. I never read the directions. So I buy all this really cool stuff and then I just never use it - ever. So it's all a big waste of time. But it's cool to go in the store and buy it (laughs)

You're appearing in the big new horror movie House of Wax - when in your life have you been most scared?

I was really scared when we had the big earthquake about ten years ago, the Northridge one. I was actually in Calabasas (an affluent community just north of LA, close to Malibu) staying at my cousin's house when it happened and everything was falling down and breaking and we just drove through the streets and it was just so scary. I'll never forget it.

Do you believe in ghosts?

Yeah, I do.

Have you ever seen a ghost?

I have, at my grandparent's house. There's a ghost there, a little girl who got ran over in the driveway over a hundred years ago - not when my family lived in the house. And I've seen her, like stuff in the mirror, and my other cousin like saw her, and all this weird stuff happened there when we were little, so I really do believe in ghosts.

And what about life after death?

Yeah, I do, and I think that you go to heaven and like if you looked back to when you were 25, you're 25 again, and you're like up there hanging out with everyone (laughs). I hope so, anyway. I think that whatever you believe, that will happen. I hope so, anyway.

Were there any surprises for you making House of Wax?

It was much harder than I expected. It was all shot in Australia and they built this whole town from scratch which was amazing. When I was doing my big death scene, for instance, I expected a fake forest that'd be all heated, but it was like a real forest and freezing and twigs all in my feet. Then the sugar mill we filmed in was so disgusting I couldn't even breathe, so it was really, really hard. I was actually crying that night in the scene - no acting needed (laughs).

So is this the last time for you doing a big movie now?

No, apart from that I loved it and I've already done two more that are finished, including National Lampoon's Pledge This, and I'm working on another one, Bottoms Up, right now, so I'll keep doing them. I love it.

Could you relate to your character Paige?

Yeah, she's not a helpless female and she's cool. She's kind of a hometown sort of girl and she's like a strong girl but at the same time she's really dependent on her boyfriend, and she's like so in love with him and doesn't want to upset him, and she thinks she's pregnant, and that's something a lot of girls are scared of. So I think that a lot of people who will watch it will relate to her - not me, but other people. And she's just nice and sweet.

If you hadn't been born a Hilton, what job do you think you'd have ended up doing?

I'd be a model, definitely (laughs). If I wasn't a Hilton that's what I'd like to do, because I'd still look the same.

You're dating Paris Latsis, but isn't it confusing when someone calls out 'Paris' or the phone goes and someone says 'Is Paris there'?

(Laughs) Yeah, we always do that, but it's kind of sweet too I think.

Are you referred to as Paris I and Paris II?

No, they call him Mr. Paris and they call me Miss Paris.

Did you only fall for him because you've got the same name?

(Laughs) No, of course not. He's just an amazing person. He's not American, he's Greek, and he's totally gorgeous and he's very, very loyal - the most loyal man I've ever known. And he loves me to death and treats me like a princess. And I love him.

Do you like being treated like a princess?

I think every girl should be treated like a princess.

So who are your best friends in Hollywood these days?

My sister, Kim Stewart, Lindsay Lohan and Francesca Resnik and Brock Brenson. I've known Lindsay for a couple of years now, but all my other friends I've had since I was a baby, so all my life.

Your phone was hacked into and the names of all your friends and family were advertised over the internet. Tell us more - was it your mobile or Blackberry and email - there are stories of both?

It was the sidekick. It's like this internet thing for.. I don't know. It's a sidekick or whatever, a little computer thing. But the kid got arrested who did it. And he broke into like over a hundred people's, but they only ever talked about mine of course.

It obviously wasn't your fault, but were any of your famous friends mad at you? You'd got the likes of Christina Aguilera, Adrien Brody, Avril Lavigne and Pharrell Williams on there..

No, because it also happened to a lot of my friends. It happened to a bunch of people and everyone's pictures were on the net, everyone, because the kid just went in and when he saw every celebrity's name, he went, ‘Oh cool, I can go and see theirs.'

How did it make you feel?

It's really scary that people can just get into your information like that, something that you're just carrying around with you, so I was totally freaked out. And now I'll never use it again, it's too scary. I don't even use AOL - I don't do any of that stuff anymore, because I don't like people getting into my private information and everyone hacks into everything now. They hacked into my AOL account too.

So how do you deal with that?

I don't know. I'm always with people who are doing things for me, so they have their Blackberries and that makes it easier. (laughs) And I still have a cell phone, so.

Your parents have been married for more than 40 years and your mum married young - could you see yourself doing that?

Yeah, they've been together since my mom was 15, so that's pretty young, yes. And I can definitely see myself getting married young like her. I want to get married like next year or in two years, and I definitely want to have kids. I'll have kids in the next two or three years. I love kids so I can't wait.

How many do you want to have?

Three or four, so I've got it all planned out. (laughs)

Do you think you'll make a good mom?

Definitely, the best! I can't wait.

You're gorgeous, but have you ever considered plastic surgery? If so, what for?

I don't need it and I would never get it. I think it's gross. It just looks really fake and is so obvious. But I don't know. Maybe if I looked like some of these girls who have really big noses - I wouldn't know what I'd do, but imagine if you did have a huge nose. You'd hate your whole life. So I think if a girl is really miserable and that's the only way that'll make her really happy, then I think that's fine to do it. But I don't need to, thank God! And even if I did, I'd be too scared, because I don't like blood. I hate it! I hate all the needles and all that stuff you have to go through.

So how do you deal with all the blood in a horror film like "House of Wax"?

Oh, I don't care about all that - it's all fake blood.

Fashion critic Mr Blackwell always criticises your sense of fashion. Do you ever listen to people who tell you what you should wear?

(Looks bemused) Who's Mr. Blackwell? I don't even know who he is. (laughs) And even if I did I wouldn't pay any attention.

What's the funniest story you've ever read about yourself?

(thinks for a moment) I read this story once about I was dating (Hollywood producer) Bob Evans and broke up his marriage and all this crazy stuff. And I was like, "Huh?" I'd only met him like twice, and we were just talking to him. Me and my other friends, and he's like older than my father, and everyone's saying did it happen and I'm like, ‘No.' That was pretty weird. But he's really nice, but I was not dating him (laughs).

What's the story with you and Nicole Richie? We never see you out together any more - are you still friends?

(Shakes her head) Uh uh, no we're not.

Have you seen her at all?

No, and anyway, I'm so busy now I'm always working, and then I'm with my boyfriend now in all my free time, and I don't go out to party anymore, so.

Paris Hilton is too busy to party?

(laughs) Yeah, I really haven't been out in forever. I don't really go to clubs and things like that anymore. It's true.

Have you become a workaholic?

I guess. I have to get up now. I had to get up this morning at 6am. So I'm too tired to go out at night.

So how do you feel about Nicole's weight loss? Do you think she looks too skinny now?

As I haven't seen her at all I don't know. I don't pay attention. I'm just too busy working at my own life now. (smiles sweetly)

You've got many strange pets. Can you tell us all the pets you have exactly and what their names are?

(Thinks for a while) I've got six hundred . (laughs) I've got so many pets, but I do know all their names. I have a Rotweiler called Tyson, Tinkerbell's a Chihuahua, Bambi's another Chihuahua, and Bill J's a Pomeranian, and I have a ferret called Rascal, a bobcat called Liger, a rat named Tom and a sugar cat named Gucci. And I have a dog, a Lapso Apso named Cookie. And more.

You've got a ferret. Why? What's wrong with a simple hamster?

Because I love ferrets. I've always been obsessed with them. They're just awesome. They're really smart animals and curious and cool to have around.

Do you look after all your pets?

No, I don't take care of them - only the two Chihuahuas, Bambi and Tinkerbell because they live with me. All the others are taken care of by the housekeeper.

Are they more of an accessory?

No, not, not at all. I love animals and I just have a lot because my family loves pets and I've always had a lot of animals around growing up. And my little brothers, they love them. The thing is, I just don't have time to have all of the animals and my parents have a huge house, and they have people who take care of them, and my brothers love them, and my parents love them, so.

What ‘motherly' things do you do for them?

Well, I feed and look after Bambi and Tinkerbell and I love giving them doggie treats and dressing them and having fun with them.

Do you carry a ‘pooper-scooper'? Take them to the vets for annual injections?

No, I don't carry a pooper-scooper (laughs). I'm so busy now the housekeeper does all the vet stuff.

What do you spend all your money on, apart from electronic gadgets you never use?

(laughs) Clothes - I love shopping and I love buying shoes.

You have size 11 feet. How do you get shoes that fit?

(laughs) It's not easy! It's hard to find ones you like, so I have to order them special usually, or like I'll order things off the runway at a fashion show, because every supermodel has size 10 or 11 feet. They all have big feet because they're so tall, and I'm tall, so.

What are you wearing today?

(Paris looks at her high heels) These are actually size 10, Manolo Blanhik. But I didn't have to special order these. They sell them in the stores sometimes like this, but it's difficult getting them as they only order a couple of pairs and they sell them out quickly.

You have this image of being a real ditzy pampered airhead. So what would people be surprised to learn about you?

I'm really like a tomboy. I don't really act like I am a lot of the time, but I really love to go fishing and go to my ranches and just play in the mud and do whatever, and like go on dirt bikes and play ice hockey. (laughs) I don't mean literally play in the mud, but when you go on dirt bikes you get all muddy and gross.

What else would shock people about you?

I love to cook, and I love to go frog hunting - I love stuff like that (laughs)

Where do you go frog hunting?

At my ranches. I have one sort of near Oakland and another one in Nevada, and I also own an island. So I actually catch frogs and then I put them in a bucket and then let them go.

What's the most you've ever caught at one time?

(laughs) Like ten - that was the record. One time I was catching frogs in a swamp and I nearly got stuck. That was pretty scary but I got out OK. So I love all that and ice hockey and playing sports.

Do you ever worry you might get hurt? Or smash your teeth playing hockey?

No, because I don't really get to play anymore because I'm like older now. I still play ice hockey sometimes with some friends, but I don't get to play as much sports as I did when I was little. It's hard for me to just like go into a game and just play, because people all act weird and, I just don't know... (Paris trails off) Basically, it's real hard for me to do anything normal now.

It can't be that bad, is it?

It is, because if I go and play sports some paparazzi's going to come and I'll be all sweaty and look bad, and they'll take pictures and be like, ‘Look how bad Paris looked today!' and like act as if I'm just walking around when they took it. So I can't really do outdoors things anymore.

Sorry, we've got to mention the sex tape. Have you watched One Night In Paris?

(Goes very quiet) Uh uh, no. I've never seen it.

How do you look back on it now?

You know, I was in love with him and I was with him for three years, and when that tape came out, first I didn't even remember filming it because I was so young and I just don't remember doing any of that. And when I heard about it I was like, ‘Yeah, right.' I didn't even believe it. And then when I saw pictures it was just the most horrible thing that's ever happened to me. It was so humiliating and embarrassing and terrible. But at the end of the day, I didn't do anything wrong and everyone does that, and I got my privacy invaded once again. And if I wasn't well-known it wouldn't have happened of course, and it was horrible.

Have you talked to him?

No, he's a scumbag and I hate him. Like I said, I was with him for almost four years and I was in love with him, and I never thought that someone would do something like that to me. After you're with someone you never think like that. I mean, who'd do that sort of thing?

How old were you at the time of the tape?

I don't know. I was with him from like 16, then 17, 18 and 19, so it was then those four years. I don't know exactly when.

You opened your first "Club Paris" club in Orlando, Florida, on New Year's Eve. How's that all going?

Great, and now we're opening one in Miami for the MTV Awards, and then we'll be doing one in Las Vegas for New Year's, and then we'll do New York, LA, London and Paris. So it's very exciting and cool. They're so hot and it's a lot of fun.

What about your fragrance, "Paris Hilton"?

That's doing great, too. It's like the top seller now.

What about your movie career - what's next?

I just did "National Lampoon's Pledge This" and I'm doing a movie called "Bottoms Up" now. I play Lisa, this Italian girl who everyone assumes is like this brat, but then you find out that she runs this homeless shelter and she's a really good person, and then all this stuff happens with these guys fighting over her. (Giggles) It's cute.

So are you serious about your acting career?

Yeah, I'm serious and I have six films lined up after this.

So when do you find time to sleep and relax?

(laughs) Never. But that's cool.

It sounds like you've become a workaholic?

I know, it's terrible. I don't even have time to party anymore.

Apart from that, it sounds like life's just amazing for you.

(laughs) It is. Everything's working out right now. It's all going really well.

Does all the success make you at all nervous, that it may all fall apart?

No, no, and I think it's my grandmother. I know it's her, because she just passed away, and ever since she did, all this great stuff has been happening to me. And my mom's always like, "It's Grandma." She was like the strongest woman, and she always wanted me to be like this, and I know it's her doing it.

You also have a new album which you're releasing on your own record label, "Heiress Records." What kind of thing is it?

Well, my first single is called "Screwed" and it's a really fun dance song, and then I also remade "Heart of Glass" by Blondie, and so the record's kind of a bit like Blondie, a bit like Gwen Stefani - it's fun, club, cool, happy music. It's so fun to do, really cool.

Did you write any of the songs?

Yeah, I wrote three of them so far.

Is there anything you can't do?

(laughs) Fly. Or disappear!


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