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Posh to be bridesmaid

Posh Spice stands up for Liz

Angela Baldassarre

Bride-to-be Elizabeth Hurley has chosen Victoria Beckham as her bridesmaid. The recruitment of Posh Spice only adds to the suspicion that this may be the celebrity wedding of the year.

In a recent interview, the former Spice Girl confirmed her role in Hurley's wedding to high-flyer Arun Nayar. "I bet she's going to put me in something really frumpy — and with flat shoes," she said.

Hurley ignored the Beckhams’ requests to wear "modest attire" at the christening of their children Romeo and Brooklyn last year. Instead, she showed up in a cleavage-revealing white gown to the annoyance of pregnant Victoria.

Meanwhile, Hurley, who plans to marry textile millionaire Arun Nayar in his homeland of India, has confessed she gets horrifically ill whenever she sets foot in that country.

The actress, who turns 40 this week, is so allergic to the food and water in India that she has resorted to special care while eating, drinking and even showering.

She is quoted by Britain's Daily Mail newspaper as saying: "I have a dry flannel right across the mouth like a gag when I take a shower. When I take my make-up off at night I don't let water touch my lips. I feel like the looniest of Californians."

Hurley add the sickness sometimes leaves her so weak doctors have to put her on a drip for days.

The actress has told friends she plans to marry her Nayar in a traditional ceremony later this year. The exact date and location of the ceremony is being kept under wraps.



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