Maeby Fünke (unseenx) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Maeby Fünke

everyone loves Tomkat...

Katie Holmes doesn't know how she met Tom Cruise either

Hey, Lee Anne DeVette? We're certain by now you're completely aware you're totally fucking over brother Tom Cruise's career, but we've already warned you about not having a story ready for how the two "love birds" met.

Tommy didn't have an answer when Oprah asked last month. And on last night's David Letterman, just one night after Cruise did Jay Leno, Katie Holmes also had to blow off the question with some generic blabbering on their undeniable chemistry.

Letterman completely stumped Holmes by asking her how she met the man with whom she’s fallen so hopelessly, unconvincingly in love (in the mere six weeks since they’ve known each other, according to her count). Apparently, Cruise’s sister/publicist hasn’t yet vetted (pun unintentional) a story, since Holmes never answered the question, instead stammering out something about the incredible chemistry at their undisclosed first encounter, and eventually trying to burn up time with an endless anecdote about her misadventures swimming with dolphins. (With her man, of course. They’re nothing if not sporty.)
If you're going to continue this publicity charade, at least fill in the obvious gaps. Speaking of, how's Tom's teeth these days?

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