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Cameron and Justin Settle w/ photogs


Justin Timberlake and his girlfriend Cameron Diaz have reached an undisclosed settlement with two photographers who accused the stars of harassing them. Saul Lazo and Jose Gonzalez alleged that the couple taunted and threatened them before Diaz beat Lazo and took his camera. The alleged attack was caught on camera by another snapper, who sold his pictures to American magazine Us Weekly. Diaz later handed Lazo's camera over to police, insisting she only took it so she could find out who the snapper was. The photographers blasted allegations from Diaz and Timberlake's publicists that they harassed the couple and jumped out of bushes on them in a bid to stir up an angry reaction, insisting they stood more than 10 feet away from them on public property the whole time. The photographers claim they suffered emotional distress and physical harm. Representatives for Timberlake and Diaz have yet to comment.
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