Veronica Mars (williammiller) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Veronica Mars

Kelly is currently on the cover of the local NY gay publication HX, where she gives a great interview, talking about everything from drugs to Lindsay Lohan (all in one sentence). Plus, she talks shit about Paris Hilton. How can you not love it?

HX: You should replace Nicole Richie on The Simple Life 4.
KO: No. We'd fight the whole time because I don't think she's that cool.

HX: Speaking of reality television, are you going to TiVo Chaotic, Britney and Kevin's new trainwreck?
KO: Oh, hell yeah. I cannot wait to see that!

HX: Do you pay a lot of attention to the current crop of pop cultural icons?
KO: Not really. I'm not in with that crowd. As you can tell - my number was not on Paris Hilton's sidekick.

HX: I understand the album title Sleeping in the Nothing is an allusion to the 1984 film The Neverending Story.
KO: The Neverending Story [is about] how Fantasia is your fantasies and your dreams, what you wish for. “The Nothing” was taking it over and killing it. I was sleeping in the nothing; I had no dreams, I had no goals, I had no fantasies. I was asleep within myself because of what I was doing to myself.

HX: Heavy stuff. Why tackle such serious topics on a pop record?
KO: It was a lot about exorcising demons, but it was also like, maybe I can help someone.

HX: After rehab, were you forced to cut ties with “bad influences”?
KO: You learn who your real friends are. You put yourself into your situation, and you can choose to be in a place and do bad things, or you can choose to be in the same place and do good things.

HX: What is your crowd, Kelly?
KO: I'd say it was normal people. I don't hang out with celebrities. I have celebrity friends that if we're in the same town, maybe we'll go to dinner together. But if you look in my cell phone, I don't really have any celebrity numbers.

HX: So we won't see you hanging out at Marquee on weekends with, like, Lindsay [Lohan] and that whole crew?
KO: Nope. I think it's because I don't really do coke anymore... [Laughs.]

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