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So hot...Victor Rasuk in AP Magazine.

I work at Barnes and Noble, so I get stripped magazines when they're expired. I got an AP(about a month old) which i usually don't like, because it's just so chock full of shit most of the time, but I stumbled upon a gem this time.

They have a short interview with Victor Rasuk(Raising Victor Vargas, Haven) about Lords of Dogtown. Rasuk plays Tony Alva. (Heath Ledger and Johnny Knoxville are also in the movie &Nikki Reed also has a small interview in the mag) I. LOVE. this. guy. Since I saw him in RVV, I was hooked. He hasn't been in many movies, but I hope opens up a lot of roles for him, because he just fucking rocks.



A photo or 3:

He's second from the left, light blue shirt.

Heath looks like a pedophile with a nice shirt on.

That's from the "Bad Education" premiere.

Some excerpts from the interview:

Had you done any skating before the movie? I'd never touched a skateboard, man. And I'd never surfed in my life.

They must've had some stunt doubles, then.  Yeah, I mean, when it comes to the pool stuff that was just way too intense. We did most of the routine stuff, but for the pools, it was mostly the doubles. I mean, a front-side-whatever on the lip fo the pool? We couldn't pull that shit off. And they did a fucking amazing job, man. You can never tell it's not us.

The previews for Lords of Dowgtown makes Tony Alva seem like a pretty arrogant dude. Of  course. If you were prett much the innovator of vertical skating and bringing a punk-rock image to the sport, you wouldn't be Mr. Nice Guy, either. He didnt have the guidance that a lot of people have-the father figure or whatever. If anything, he was the way he was because of his dad. He brought that aggression to his skating and I completely respect that. He never tried to be somebody he wasnt.

Have you spoken with him since you finished the movie? Oh, I talk to him at least once a week. He's already given me my props, so I stopped sweating that. For a while I was like, "Fuck man. I hope he likes it." But he loves the performance. He says it makes him remember that young energy. So, as long as the man is happy, I'm happy. He was there everyday on the set, but it's different when you see the film altogether as one.  

Im hella lazy, so the rest of the interview is him talking about how he's supposed to play Pat Smear in a movie about the Germs, but he got the call for LOD while filming that. He even started taking guitar lessons. He said he would like to play John Leguizamo one day, but John's career isnt even close to over, so he can't, but hopes someone will make a movie about him one day, because he made a huge impact on his life and is a huge reason why he started acting. He talked about the movie Leguizamo made "Undefeated"...

"You know what bro? If you look really closely at the beginning of that movie, I'm in it... I wanted to be in that movie so bad, because I at least wanted to be in the same frame as John Leguizama."

He also said since filming LOD he's become a huge  David Bowie fan!! Awesome. He's like so east coast it hurts, and now he's acclimating to the's funny. He's from "New York's Lower East Side" btw. And also, the chick that was Juicy Judy's friend in Raising Victor Vargas, that Hector in LOD also. I dont know what role she plays though.


P.S. I think this kid is the spitting image of young Vin Diesel. And Vin is old enough to be his dad...Im just saying.

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