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Report: Lindsay Lohan On Blow And Skinny Pills?
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The guys at TVGasm think they’ve finally gotten to the bottom of the Lindsay Lohan Problem (though we should note there’s a disclaimer hastily hung above this “fairy tale” to try and stop Lohan’s lawyers from taking away their firstborn), citing a “source close” to the one-woman tabloid thrill-ride:

“It’s cocaine and diet pills.” TVgasm has learned from a source close to Lindsay Lohan that her shrinking, frail frame is not the result of an eating disorder, but of a coke addiction mixed will diet pill abuse.

Rumors have been circulating the Hollywood party scene for quite a while about Lindsay’s bathroom stall antics with other celebutants such as Nicole Richie and even an Olsen twin, though TVgasm didn’t really care on account of the fact that it was Lindsay Lohan and even in a vacuum, she sucks.

But once an acquaintance of mine, and part of the Lohan elite, agreed to give me some confirmation information on conditions of anonymity, suddenly it peaked my journalistic interest. Crazy Blowhan’s “partying is getting out of control,” the source reports. “She’s gone from occasional coke use to a full on fiend; it’s scary.”
Well, we think we speak for everyone when we say that we never would’ve thought (read: We’re shocked—shocked!) that blow and over-the-counter speed could possibly result in the kind of reported erratic behavior and apparent weight-loss that’s marked the last Year in Lohan. We kind of expected those lost pounds (and accompanying cup sizes) to magically return now that her father is going to jail.

from defamer

all i have to say is, DUH.
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