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Backstreet's Rejected Tracks

Here are a couple tracks that were SUPPOSED to be on Backstreet's new album, but were pulled off at the last minute for whatever reason (I am guessing that it is a money issue, usually is). No doubt there will be something about it in the news within the next few days.

The Unloved /// Set It Off /// Set It Off 2

I was part of a listening group for the new album and it was HORRIBLE. They remastered all of the tracks, everything I have been hearing recently are TOTALLY different then all the versions I heard. My favorite is the jipped up version of Poster Girl (sure to be a radio hit).

Anyways, my point of this post is to tell you all that the songs they kicked were their best ones, and their best chances at hit singles. Don't know why they did it, but they did.

1. Incomplete
2. Just Want You to Know (DEMO)
3. Crawling Back to You (DEMO)
4. Weird World (LIVE)
5. I Still...
6. Poster Girl
7. Lose It All (DEMO)
8. Climbing the Walls
9. My Beautiful Woman
10. Safest Place to Hide
11. Siberia (LIVE)
12. Never Gone

If you like what you hear, please buy the album. ;)

EDIT:// I added the tracks that I have. You can download them under the cut.
EDIT 2:// I reuploaded Set It Off.

And if you don't, why waste your time?
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