Blake Lewis hates Sanjaya Malakar

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Two radio interviews in which Blake Lewis bashes Sanjaya:

The first (audio available at features Blake calling Sanjaya a "very disrespectful kid" and says he "doesn't respect boundaries". He described the way he locked Sanjaya up and taught him "a few lessons". He also says that he would love to perform at a bar mitzvah because "Jewish people have a lot of money!" I have no idea what station this appeared on, although commenters on say the interview is several weeks old.

The second interview was from 95.1 WAPE FM in Jacksonville. In this interview Blake says "I was never a fan of Sanjaya". He says that he didn't think Sanjaya should have been on American Idol at all, and calls America "ignorant" for voting for Sanjaya:

Since I have nothing better to do, I have provided a transcript for anyone too lazy to listen to the audio:

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