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Blake Lewis hates Sanjaya Malakar

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Two radio interviews in which Blake Lewis bashes Sanjaya:

The first (audio available at Rickey.org) features Blake calling Sanjaya a "very disrespectful kid" and says he "doesn't respect boundaries". He described the way he locked Sanjaya up and taught him "a few lessons". He also says that he would love to perform at a bar mitzvah because "Jewish people have a lot of money!" I have no idea what station this appeared on, although commenters on Rickey.org say the interview is several weeks old.

The second interview was from 95.1 WAPE FM in Jacksonville. In this interview Blake says "I was never a fan of Sanjaya". He says that he didn't think Sanjaya should have been on American Idol at all, and calls America "ignorant" for voting for Sanjaya:

Since I have nothing better to do, I have provided a transcript for anyone too lazy to listen to the audio:

Interview #1:

Interviewer #1: Let's get back to American Idol. Did you, uh - you still friends with uh... Are you friends with any of them?

Blake: Oh yeah, definitely! Yeah yeah, after tour... I mean, you know you play your service together

Int 1: Oh that's right, you tour together, forgot about that

Blake: Top ten tours, cramped up in a bus with Sanjaya... and you know, everybody. Chris Sligh...

Int 1: He's doing bar mitzvahs now
Int 2: Yeah, he lives with his sister too

Blake: There's good money in that!

Int 1: Yeah, there definitely is

Blake: Jewish people have a lot of money!

Int 1: Jews, Jews have money. Who has more money than Jews?
Int 3: Oh my god, they love their bar mitzvahs!

Blake: I'd love to do a bar mitzvah!

Int 2: Blake is a [something]
Int 1: Jews have money, and you know? And Blacks! Blacks love to dance! So if you get the Jews and Blacks together, you have a whole ethnic festival! And you can have the Chinese people do the laundry...


Int 3: Oh my god!
Int 1: He said... He started it! He started it! I'm just moving it along! Oh my. So anyway, Blake, where were we?


Int 1: He took all the- he took all the-

Blake: Un-P.C.

Int 1: He took all the light-

Blake: Being politically-

Int 1: All right, we'll just move along after that, I was just trying to help-

Blake: -which is fine, because, yeah...

Int 1: I was just trying to deflect the- yeah... So Sanjaya took all the heat, which was good for everyone else

Blake: Yeah, it was great

Int: Yeah, you know, he - everyone made fun of Sanjaya and you guys just did your music

Blake: It's kinda easy to

Int 1: You have a thing with him - was there an incident with Sanjaya?

Blake: When was there not?

Int 1: Oh that's right! Didn't you whack him or something?

Blake: When I whacked him?

Int 3: Hey, I dreamed that

Blake: I- I- I got into him - Got into it, you know, with him-

Int 1: Really?

Blake: -on the bus, once. Yeah

Int 2: Really?

Blake: I was the older brother, he's never had a father figure, so it's kinda like, you needed-

Int 1: So he needed to-

Blake: He's a very disrespectful kid


Int 1: So he needed a beat down?

Blake: Yeah, definitely. And I was- I-

Int 1: Was it a fist fight?

Blake: It wasn't fists - I, I locked him up, and I taught him some, some lessons-

Int 1: WOW!

Blake: yeah, but um-

Int 1: Hey, the kid didn't have a father, who was gonna beat him?

Blake: No, he's a, he's a really nice, a really nice kid, he's just super A.D.D., and, like, doesn't respect boundaries, and a-

Int 1: Well, that wouldn't be good at bar mitzvahs

Blake: In a, in a bus with twelve people, you know? You need to have respect peoples' boundaries...

Int 2: Wow, that's tough

Blake: You need to respect yourself first more than anything

Int 1: That's right

Blake: I just saw it as a lesson of life

Int 1: Glad I asked!

Blake: Yeah

Int 1: Sometimes-

Blake: No, I just saw him the other day, actually, it was great. We, uh, we just did "Idol Extras"

Int: Did you lay him out?

Blake: No! I just said, "What's up", you know, it's been, been a while - we got done in September - it's like six months ago! It's crazy, how, like, how fast everything progresses. Like, on tour, I didn't have a day off... I was just mad because... I, I didn't get any sleep, and... I'd just flown in, and I needed to sleep before I went on, and he was just pissing off everybody, and ... waking me up, like NON STOP, and I just - I laid into him

Int 1: Yeah

Blake: So

Int 1: It's a good thing you didn't-

Blake: -It wasn't, it wasn't a bad thing, it was a good thing, and he thought, he thank, he thanked me after the tour, like the last thing he said to me, when I got off - getting off the tour bus for the last time, was "Thank you". So...

Int 1: Yeah. Well there were a couple of women on that tour, that if you laid into them, they'd knock you on your ass...

Blake: Oh yeah, I mean, yes. Jordin, Jordin Sparks could take me out in an instant.

Int 1: Well this has gone well!


Interview #2:

Mark: That reminds me - how's Sanjaya?

Blake: I wouldn't know, I haven't talked to him.

Mark: You haven't talked to him?

Blake: No.

Mark: Oh.
Kris: Were you even - They weren't the - Blake -

Blake: I was never a fan of Sanjaya


Mark: Oh really?

Blake: Yeah

Mark: Did you guys -
Kris: You just told the truth, I love you for that!

Blake: I tell the truth probably more than anyone you'll ever meet!

Kris: I like it!
Mark: Did you guys not get along, like in the Coca-Cola waiting room?

Blake: No, I didn't - I didn't think he should have been on the show at all

Mark: At all?

Blake: At all, period, no

Mark: Wow...
Kris: I love you

Blake: [something] bad for television... I mean, [something] terrible television...

Mark: Was it, week after week, you were just like, "What is this dude doing here"?

Blake: Well, he, the thing is, people don't know, he got cut, and the only reason he made it was because his sister made it through. And then his sister got cut in Hollywood week. So he'd already gotten cut, they were like, "You suck, you shouldn't be on the show"-

Mark: Right

Blake: - and then Nigel, the producer, put him back on, so...

Kris: Oh!
Mark: Wow! And that - was every - was anybody else thinking that? Or were you the only one?

Blake: Oh, everyone was there, like, "Why's this little, little kid... who's just annoying on this television show...


Blake: It's television. It's television, you know?

Mark: Yeah...

Blake: [something] entertaining, you know

Kris: Yeah! 'Cause it made people angry, and it made people wanna call in or do stuff

Blake: Exactly, yeah. But it takes the validation out of, you know...

Kris: You guys!

Blake: ...people that've been working their ass off for years, you know.

Mark: Were you ever - was there ever a moment - because we were petrified with fear every single week - Did you ever think for a moment that Sanjaya might actually win the whole thing?

Blake: No, but I got pissed every week, because my buddies that are super talented, going home...

Kris: Oh, yeah

Blake: and he's-

Kris: -still here

Blake: You know, America's ignorant in some things, you know, and voted for Sanjaya to stay on American Idol.

Mark: Wow!

Blake: It's rediculous

Mark: Blake Lewis, telling it like it is, folks
Kris: Love it!

Blake: That's what I do!

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