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Michael Jackson convinced of plot to steal his wealth

June 1, 2005, 12:19:01

Michael Jackson believes he was accused of child abuse as part of a plot to steal his lucrative music catalogue, it was claimed yesterday (31-05-05).

The eccentric star is reportedly convinced his longstanding "enemy" - Sony records boss Tommy Mottola - along with the judge and district attorney in his molestation trial are involved in a conspiracy to frame him as a paedophile in a bid to get hold of his money.

The singer, who owns half of The Beatles' back catalogue - worth over £100million - reportedly told a private investigator he believed music mogul Mottola paid Jackson's teenage accuser to secure a conviction so he could take his money and much sought-after assets.

Gordon Novel, who worked on the JFK assassination investigation, was hired by Jackson to bring an end to his child molestation trial by exposing the allegations.

He told America's Vanity Fair magazine: "He believes the judge, DA, and the Sony guys are in a conspiracy to take over his money.

"Jackson acted like he was scared silly He told me, 'I want this trial stopped'".

Novel has also revealed that Jackson, whose child abuse court case could end next week, is terrified of jail.

He added: "He kept asking what prison was like Can he watch TV there? He wanted me to stop the show.

"I told him, 'Get rid of this weird persona You look like the weird paedophile"

Neither representatives for Jackson or Mottola responded to requests for comments.

The singer denies all 10 charges against him.



Isn't it weird that this hasn't been reported in the American press?
The "Hollywood bad guys" has been after Michael for years. Isn't Trump involved too? DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE.

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