Moby is a Buzzkill

" Dance star MOBY has warned troubled stars AMY WINEHOUSE and PETE DOHERTY they will "burn out" before they hit 30 if they continue their drug-addled lifestyles.
The Play singer/songwriter is concerned about how today's talented singers are abusing their bodies and minds - insisting stars don't realise just how damaging drugs can be to their careers.
But 42-year-old Moby - real name Richard Melville Hall - understands their addictive tenancies, confessing he would take mind-bending medications every day if they didn't ruin his health.
He says, "If there were no negative side-effects I would be high every single minute of every day. But drugs take a huge toll. A few people, like Keith Richards, manage to do it in a sustainable way.
"But when I look at Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse, I wonder what they're going to be capable of when they're 30, in terms of cognitive and emotional abilities. Drugs burn you out.
"You feel bulletproof if you're selling records and making money and everyone wants to sleep with you, but then things start to go wrong." "

even though he's a cock, i always feel bad for moby cause his bday's on 9/11