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Christy Romano AKA Kim Possible

Interesting 60-second article from Chris Rose. He's a writer for the Times Pick-ya-nose (Times Picayune) here in New Orleans (and surrounding areas). Anyway... He interviews Christy Romano, who has something to say about Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.

The 60-Second Interview
Saturday, June 04, 2005
Chris Rose

At age 21, Christy Romano is a seasoned showbiz player -- a veteran of Broadway ("Beauty & the Beast"), sitcoms ("Even Stevens") and film ("Everyone Says I Love You"), just to name a few.

But her biggest star turn is as the voice of Kim Possible, the Disney Channel's effervescent superhero cheerleader who delivers the world from evil destruction pretty much on a daily basis.

As my daughter would say: Awesome.

Romano's stage life began at 6. She is wise for her age and profoundly unlike the spate of troubled teens and wild girls who grew up to pollute the public consciousness on TV and in the movies.

Romano was in town last month, filming a back-to-school movie called "Campus Confidential," which we will address when it premieres later this summer. For this interview, during a break in shooting, we talked about saving the planet, hair color and all those tabloid girls.

One of my missions is to get younger people to read this newspaper.
This might help.
I'm trying to understand my daughter's world.
Is Kim Possible one of the Powerpuff Girls?
She's kind of Buffy the Vampire Slayer-in-an-animated-form-meets-Jennifer Garner-from-"Alias." That's what they sell her as. I guess she's kind of like a Powerpuff Girl, but she's one person. So she's like all three Powerpuffs in one.
She is no relation to Hello Kitty?
No relation to Hello Kitty.
The Jennifer Garner thing: Do people tell you that you look like Jennifer Garner?
Yeah, that and Hilary Swank.
I'd go with the Jennifer Garner thing.
Thanks, but I think I'll go with the Christy Romano thing.
Do you ever get tired of being the hero that saves the day?
Never. I want to be a positive influence in little girls' eyes. Little girls need to be confident and grow up with a healthy state of mind. It's a tough, tough world out there.
What role will cheerleaders have in the actual saving of the world?
Even though certain cheerleaders act superficial, I like the concept. It's a sport and it's sisterhood -- kind of like joining a sorority. Even though Kim Possible is a cheerleader, she's not really popular. She's only got one friend and she's very shy around boys. And then she saves the world. Every little girl wants to be her.
Are you a role model?
Yes. It's a responsibility. I take it very seriously. It makes a difference to kids.
Who's your role model?
Audrey Hepburn.
What advice do you have for kids who want to get into show business whose last name is not Hilton?
If their last name is Hilton, please don't get into show business. But there might be other people out there who aren't related to the Hilton family but who might be named Hilton. If that is the case, change your name.
You're a young and rising star: Why aren't you tabloid fodder like all your peers?
I don't really know. I think because I look like everybody else. I'm very pro-brunette. Hair color doesn't dictate the person but, in my experience, I get along with people who look like me. Not like in a prejudiced way, but "girl wise." I'm not blond. I don't have red hair.
And neither does Lindsay Lohan anymore.
Yeah, she's looking more and more like Paris Hilton every day. And she's posing like her. And I'm like: "Oh my God! Not another one!"
Why aren't you out there like Lindsay Lohan, table dancing at the college bars of New Orleans?
Hey, I've done my share of table dancing, but she's got issues. I don't have as many issues as her. First of all, I don't drink. I've worked too hard to get this far and if she was smart she would just slow her world because she's in the prime of her life, at the prime of her career, and I would tell it to her face, I really would.
Britney Spears' TV show: Are you going to watch?
Yeah, I like her now. I didn't like her (before) but I do now.
Why? What happened?
I don't know. She's a really strong soul. I think she needs to take a shower, but I like her a lot. And I like her music, too.
Your last name is Romano. Are you related to Raymond?
Frankly, I don't think everybody loved him. Did you love Raymond?
I met him once. I said: "Are we related?" And he goes, "No." He goes, "I don't know who you are."

. . . . . . .

Columnist Chris Rose can be reached at; or at (504) 352-2535 or (504) 826-3309.
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