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Excerpts from the latest Star & InTouch magazines

"I've seen it. Kenny's not super modes, so trust me - it's big. We call it 'The Yak'."
- A close friend of Kenny Chesney, commenting on Renee Zellweger's new husband's, ahem, appendage.

"Anne [Heche] broke my heart into a million pieces. I'd watch the sun come up and then go down and I'd literally be in the same place on the floor."
- Ellen DeGeneres

"His lips are pretty famous, and I could name three dozen women who could tell you what it's like kissing him, but I wanted to find out for myself."
- Robert Downey Jr., on his make-out scene with his 'Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang' co-star Val Kilmer

"I enjoy a little naked time in my house. I enjoy my nakedness."
- Dominic Monaghan

There's good news and bad news for Ken Jennings, the record-setting winner of TV game show Jeopardy! The good: He's reportedly inked a deal with Comedy Central to host his own quiz show next year. The bad: He just lost a three-day Jeopardy! tournament of champions.

Ashlee Simpson knows a good-looking man when she sees one! The singer spotted Kevin Hill star Taye Diggs out clubbing in New York and promptly asked him on a date! Taye, 33, was flattered but told her he is "very married" to Broadway star Idina Menzel. Ashlee, 20, is enjoying playing the field and has been spotted getting cozy with Wilmer Valderrama and her guitarists Braxton Olita. "She loves guys," says a friend. "She told me Taye was 'like the hottest guy ever.'"
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