Am I the only one who's noticed this?

Is it Splitsville for Giuliana?
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E! News' Giuliana Rancic, formerly known as Giuliana DePandi, has been seen the last few days on E! not wearing her wedding ring. On Tuesday night, Ryan Seacrest opened the show solo, joking that Giuliana must "still be in make-up" or "stuck in traffic". Could there be trouble in paradise for Giuliana and her apprentice-winning hubby, Bill Rancic? Days since Giuliana went mysteriously missing from an E! News taping, she has filmed three new E! News episodes, ring-less.

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The first Apprentice winner, Bill Rancic, married E! News anchor Giuliana DePandi in late August, 2007 on the Italian island of Capri. Rancic, 36, and the Napoli-born DePandi, 32, exchanged vows at the end of a church aisle strewn with white rose petals and dotted with white candles. Their marriage was broadcast as an E! special and seemed like a fairytale romance.

Stay tuned... I guess?

Source: Me, my TV and extreme attention to detail.