Photos: Six Behind Each Cut.

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Shaaah, bro, catch a gnarly wave! Actor/Heartthrob, Ryan Phillippe, surfing in Venice and nobody seems to care. Where are Reese & the kids?! And seriously, So fucking hot!

Christina Aguilera, looking cute, leaves the Ermitage hotel with fiance. (She was trying on wedding dresses.) Look closely, you can totally see that nipple ring through her shirt. And, I kind of like her man. I'm not happy for them, because really, who gives a shit? But, I think they genuinely like each other, so I can dig.

Sin City - Italian Photocall. Jessica Alba reminds me of Phoebe Cates, even with the short blonde hair. Come on, don't you think, just a little? Phoebe was cooler though.

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