Aly and AJ (the girls who think evolution is dumb) news

AJ has been super close with Ryan Sheckler for since before his MTV show Life of Ryan. Since then, their friendship has turned into something
At a photo shoot, J-14 confronted AJ on whether she was dating
the skater dude and she spilled!

"We see each other a lot. We've gone out on dates, but we aren't actually together yet."

There you have it, no more fighting, Ryan is officially AJ's!


i think we can all sleep better knowing that they're not fighting over ryan anymore. and supposedly when Joe Jonas and AJ were dating, AJ cheated on Joe with Ryan, which is why she and Joe broke up. *~**~*~*SCANDALOUS*~*~*~*

"In an interview with Blender magazine, the two expressed their disbelief in the theory of evolution, with the interviewer asking what their thoughts were. When asked if they accepted evolution, AJ responded, "No," and Aly responded, "Are they teaching that in schools now?" When told that it had been taught for the last quarter of the century, she replied, “I think that’s kind of disrespectful, anything that has to do with anybody’s beliefs on religion, that should stay out of the classroom. I mean, I think people should be able to pray in school, if people were into that. Everybody should just do their own gig", and AJ added "Evolution is silly. Monkeys? Um, no."