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Actress Isla Fisher is a circus freak?


The Daily Mail did a nice story and interview on actress Isla Fisher who is promoting her latest romantic comedy, Definitely, Maybe. The 32-year-old Fisher is an interesting and funny interview and has a very interesting life.  She has been a working actress since age 16, has some nice film credits and just in case things slow down she has sold two comedy scripts to major Hollywood studios, has voiced one of the characters for the forthcoming Dr Seuss movie, Horton Hears A Who!, and is due to start filming Confessions Of A Shopaholic (based on Sophie Kinsella’s bestseller), as the lead character, Rebecca Bloomwood. Her private life is busy as well. She has been engaged to Sacha Baron Cohen, better-known-as Borat, since 2004. The couple, have a three-month-old daughter Olive.  Here are some quotes from the interview:

On breaking in to Hollywood: “When I did my first audition for the movie Scooby Doo, they flew me to America first class,” she remembers.
“At the time, I didn’t have any money and then I was flown to LA and put up at the Mondrian Hotel. It was like landing on Mars!”

On converted to Judaism in keeping with Baron Cohen, a devout member of the Jewish faith:  ”I love religions and find them fascinating and I find Judaism very beautiful,” she says. “It’s enriched my life enormously.”

On making wedding plans (engaged since 2004): “I’m thinking of not inviting Owen and Vince so I can see whether they can crash our wedding,” she co-starred with them in the 2005 blockbuster hit Wedding Crashers.

On why people take her picture: “We’re starting to have our pictures taken a little more often now, probably because Sacha’s so tall (6ft 3in) while I’m so small (5ft 2in), I’m like a circus freak!”

On living in Hollywood: “Oh, I always thought I’d be living in Hollywood, in a seven-bedroom house with a massive swimming pool. It’s just that when I imagined it, I always thought I’d be the maid.”

On why she won’t talk about daughter Olive: “You know, motherhood is my favourite topic in my personal life and I won’t shut up about it, but it’s not something I want to discuss publicly just because of the amount of attention it draws to a small person who didn’t choose to be exposed.”

On her new romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe:  “I think some of the slick, Hollywood romantic comedies where you know in the first act who’s going to end up with who aren’t realistic, but this is definitely a realistic story where all the women are just normal people who are flawed.

“Would my past relationships have made brilliant romantic comedies?” She laughs.

“Comedies, maybe.”



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