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Day-Lewis slams media 'circus' around Ledger death

British-born film star Daniel Day-Lewis blasted the media "circus" Friday surrounding the death of Heath Ledger after his moving dedication of a top award to the Australian actor last month.

Day-Lewis, 50, who was at the Berlin Film Festival, where his new picture "There Will Be Blood" is in competition, said the round-the-clock coverage was only compounding the grief of Ledger's family.

Asked about the tribute he made at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards in Los Angeles on January 27 when he picked up the best actor prize, Day-Lewis said he was wary of speaking out publicly about Ledger again.

"I'm reluctant to talk about it now. As much as I was glad to have a chance to say something in that moment, I now feel...there's plenty more I could say but I'm not just fuelling a fire that's already out of control," he said.

"His family, for instance, at this moment, are trying to suffer the unimaginable grief in the full scrutiny of a fucking circus and anything that I say is going probably to just contribute even more to that because it keeps the story running and running and running and running."

He said he hoped the focus would return to appreciation of Ledger's performances.

"There will come a time eventually when people just remember that he was a beautiful man who did some wonderful work and we have seen great things from him," he said.

"And right now I can't say I'm too enthusiastic about adding more fodder to what's already just a horrendously, seamy, overblown machine that's gathered around his death. It's horrible."

The New York chief medical examiner's office released a toxicology report Wednesday showing that Ledger, 28, died of accidental intoxication caused by painkillers and anti-anxiety drugs.

In the SAG acceptance speech, Day-Lewis said the Australian's performances -- in particular his role in the 2005 gay cowboy drama "Brokeback Mountain"-- had deeply inspired him.

Day-Lewis, who won an Oscar in 1990 for "My Left Foot", is the clear favourite for an Academy Award for his towering performance as a tyrannical oil prospector in "There Will Be Blood".

Director Paul Thomas Anderson joked that they expected to win even more than the eight Oscars for which the film had been nominated.

"We expect them to give us all of the awards, even the ones we were not nominated for," he told reporters in Berlin.

"Hopefully everyone will just write in our film," he said, in a joking reference to the Oscar voting forms.

Day-Lewis demurred when asked about the secret of his dramatic on-screen transformation into the early 20th century California oil man Daniel Plainview.

"I really don't know how to dismember the life of Plainview into his various component parts because that's not really the way in which I work. Luckily Paul and I had a long time to get ready for this film because no one would give us any money," he said.

"The impression I tend to be left with if things work is that little by little something reveals itself which actually you have very little control over whatsoever. It's just kind of a process of controlled anarchy really."

"There Will Be Blood" is one of 21 films vying for the Berlinale's Golden Bear top prize, to be awarded February 16.

Also in competition Friday were the Chinese drama "In Love We Trust" about love, responsibility and deceit among the country's new middle class and "Black Ice", a Finnish thriller about woman who develops an secret friendship with her husband's lover.

i did not see this posted.
let's just sit back for a moment and contemplate this beautiful, amazing man. sigh...


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