Miley Cyrus (ex_itsmileyc442) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Miley Cyrus

Zac Efron wants you to know that he loves HSM

Zac Efron is such a sweet guy. He says there was no way he could be the one to take away High School Musical from all us fans!

In a recent interview with Billy Bush from Access Hollywood, Zac says, “Seriously I am not going to be the guy who takes ‘High School Musical’ away from all the fans. We owe everyone too much. ‘High School Musical’ is a project I hold very close to my heart and I am going to complete the franchise.”

But that doesn’t mean that he wants to play the teen heartthrob forever. In fact, that’s just the reason he chose his most recent role in Seventeen Again. “It would have been really easy to go and play a kid. I could’ve done that in any movie. But playing a 37-year-old guy who is a kid is a little bit more interesting,” Zac told Billy. “It’s great when you have personal experience playing a character. For instance, ‘High School Musical.’ It was pretty easy. I was playing a high school kid in his first love. Everyone has been there – I had just been there.”

Billy tried to get Zac to open up about Vanessa, but Zac quickly put that topic of conversation to rest. “I think specifically relationships, it’s sacred ground. That’s something that needs to be between two people. Everyone else can get their noses out.”


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