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Rehab star Amy is all smiles after getting her teeth fixed ahead of Grammy performance tonight

Amy Winehouse is all smiles these days – after finally being granted a US visa and getting her teeth fixed.

Despite the star's changing luck, she will not be performing live at tonight's celebrations.

Instead, the 24-year-old, whose album Back to Black has been nominated for Grammys in six categories, will sing via a satellite link from London.

She had previously been denied entry to the US but will be staying in the UK to focus on her recovery as she is weaned off drugs – and her sparkly new teeth.

Emerging from a second visit to a London dentist yesterday, Amy flashed a bright white smile to onlookers before being escorted by her father Mitch back to the centre she is receiving treatment in.

This is a far-cry from December when she was spotted with gaps in her mouth suggesting her teeth had fallen out.

A friend close to her admitted at the time: "She has one missing from the front of her mouth, and another one at the back which is less visible.

"Her mouth is full of holes and she is desperately worried she is going to lose more. She has actually pulled a tooth out herself, which is absolutely disgusting."

"Her gums are always red and sore as a result of it and some of the teeth are loosening."

Rehab appears to be agreeing with Amy in more ways than one.

The singer seemed focused, was well-dressed and had even painted her nails red for the occasion.

Then and now: Amy's dental work has helped the star return to her former sexy self

Gappy: Amy's missing tooth could clearly be seen as she performs live last year

Cheeky: Amy pokes out her tongue after visiting her dentist

Aww, I'm going to miss it. First stop rehab, then a trip to the dentist to fix the snaggletooth... taking notes, Kristen Dunst?

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