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Paul McCartney and Heather Mills Divorce Reaching Conclusion This Week

The Paul McCartney divorce drama, which seems to be lasting as long as The Beatles were together, will finally come to a conclusion this week when the two sides meet in London's high court. Mills reportedly wants to settle the case out of court while McCartney believes the court system will see it his and award his ex only a fraction of the $120 Million that she asked for to make the case go away. The London Times reports that McCartney's lawyers believe that Mills will be awarded anywhere from $26-$40 Million.

Proceedings will start on Monday and have been scheduled for six days. Mills has fired her lawyers and will argue on her own behalf if a deal is not reached at the last minute which is rumored. The Times, among other outlets, has reported that Mills wants to get a deal done before proceedings begin. They quote a friend of Mills who told the paper:

“Heather is still hoping Paul will make a deal on the steps of the court on Monday rather than having to face her in court.”

If the former Beatle does take the stand things could get very interesting. Mills has had breakdowns on live television and may make spectacle of herself. Add in the fact that she has made vicious claims about the ex-Beatle things could get very testy with a cross-examination by McCartney's legal team.

The New York Post's Page Six is reporting that Mills will do everything in her power to avoid the courtroom. The famed gossip column reports that she has contacted McCartney and will settle for $20 Million despite her public demands of $100 Million.

So, after two years of bitter fighting in the media, will a last minute deal get struck or will gossip writers from across the globe get to cover what is sure to have fireworks from both sides? We'll know the answer in less than 24 hours when proceedings are set to begin.


Team McCartney FTW.

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