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Well this should help with the rehab I guess

Hawley Arms Goes Up In Flames - Amy, Kate & Pete
Left Without a Watering Hole

A major blaze has swept through one of the favourite haunts for Kiwis in London – the famous Camden market area.

Thousands of residents and Saturday night revellers at nearby pubs were forced to flee the district, as flames leapt metres into the air and explosions rang through the night.

One of the most famous street markets in Europe burning out of control and illuminating the London sky. It is a much-loved shopping and socialising destination for tourists and locals alike – an amateur cameraman filmed the blaze after it took hold of the Hawley Arms pub.

It is believed the fire may have been caused by a gas cylinder exploding in a market stall.  At first there were fears it was a bomb after people reported hearing a loud bang and shattering glass, but investigators say there is no suggestion of terrorism or arson.

“The crews were faced in the very early stages with a very severe fire which they very quickly asked for additional resources and back-up on,” Fire Brigade spokesman Guy Foster said. “Crews have been working very hard to try and bring this fire under control.”

The fire caused extensive damage to the Hawley Arms Pub which is a favourite haunt of celebrities. Kate Moss, Pete Docherty and Amy Winehouse are among those who drink there. As 100 fire-fighters fought the blaze, police closed off roads and tried to keep pub-goers away from the flames.

“Oh, it’s awful isn’t it?” one local commented. “I mean look at how high the flames are. I mean they’re like 30 feet high.”

It is unclear at this stage what extent the markets have been damaged – however firefighters say they can confirm there were no deaths and no injuries.

Well this sucks - I'm moving to England from New Zealand in 4 weeks and a mate was going to take me there :(

EDIT: Eep, forgot to add that I had a stall at the Big Gay Out in Auckland today, and Kate Bosworth was there :o Apparently her parents live in West Auckland? She's much prettier in real life and didn't look as skinny as she used to. I would have asked for a picture but she looked so relaxed I would have felt like an asshole.



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