Elliott (timeofdying) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

BLake Lewis Blender Interview

so, the new blender magazine has britney (controversy) spears on the cover.

but inside.
and article on our very own bshorty.
I don't have the magazine yet,
but a friend does and typed up the interview for me.
it is. the lolz.

Do you Rock?
Does the beat-boxing American Idol runner-up indeed...rock?

Ever trash a hotel room?
Oh yeah. My band and I, we throw down.

Worst rumor about you?
I'm gay.

Largest number of people you've woken up next to?
Five maybe? Maybe more were scattered around the room. There've been nights of deabuchery.

Biggest celebrity whose home you've gotten drunk in?
Rupert Murdoch. A bunch of celebs were there: Tom Cruise, Tom from myspace. It was surreal.

Worst tour horror story?
I go commando onstage, and once my jeans crotch ripped and my penis fell out.

Ever been declared legally dead?
Almost. I built an igloo and stayed in it for a week when I was 13, and I almost got frostbite.

Ever wreck a car?
I did. It was icy out, and my bitchin' Camaro slid and hit a tree. It was cool!

Ever harbor a fugitive of the law?
No, but I would totall employ an illegal.

Ever gotten lucky on an airplane?
No. I've been waiting for the invitation, as long as it doesn't come from Jordin Sparks.

Stupidest thing you've ever eaten?
Someone dared me to eat a slug once.

What drug won't you ever do again?
Mushrooms. It's sensory overload!

Verdict: Igloo-building? Accidental onstage nudity? Being-gay rumors? This guy rocks hard!

Picture thanks to caznorfe. Interview taken from cakeforever

ETA: The interview is supposed to be in a joke fashion. Him and Jordin are friends.

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