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John Mayer and Alicia Keys

John Mayer to Perform Together With Alicia Keys at Grammy Awards

It's who you know: lucky fans get behind-the-scenes access to Grammy bash

LOS ANGELES - By the time the Grammys reveal their big surprises for their 50th annual celebration, it'll be old news to music fans like Michelle Mota and Tyran Odum.

The best friends were one of several hundred people in the Staples Center over the weekend getting an early glimpse at the elaborate production planned for Sunday's televised bash.

I was calling friends telling them how I'm sitting here watching Alicia Keys and John Mayer before anybody else," Odum, a 29-year-old Starbucks manager from Miami, said Friday from the arena as Keys rehearsed a special number.

"It's exciting to actually see it, it's more intimate, it's more real."

Many people in the audience were friends or relatives of the production crew or recording academy staff. Odum was one of 19 people who won a CBS draw for two tickets to the Grammy ceremony, as well as a backstage pass to catch the rehearsals in the days leading up to the show.

Paige Washington, 19, said she got in because her dad works for the San Francisco chapter of the Grammys. She liked the fact she could see unpolished celebrities "just being themselves and goofing around on stage, and just hanging out."

The usually glammed-up Keys, for instance, showed up looking relatively low-key in jeans, a white V-neck sweater and white boots. A bandana over her hair and large dark glasses obscured her features so much she was only recognizeble by her voice.

This is going to be amazing. I used to really want them to get together. Now I won't him to get together with Sara Bareilles. Apparently she wrote the best song of the past five years.




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