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Sam Raimi returns to his horror roots

Big Saturday news from Variety who are reporting that actress-of-the-moment Ellen Page, star of Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody's comedy Juno--firmly in the top 10 having grossed over $110 million--will follow that film's creative duo into her own horror movie, this one directed by none other than Sam Raimi. Drag Me To Hell will be Raimi's long-awaited return to the horror genre as a director since 1992's Army of Darkness, having spent much of the last eight years working on the "Spider-Man" trilogy.

Playing the recipient of a supernatural curse, this will be Page's second foray into horror, having starred in David Slade's psychological thriller Hard Candy, the movie that introduced most people to Page's talents as an actress.

Even though Page is also attached to headline Drew Barrymore's Whip It, Raimi's horror flick will be next for the young actress with shooting to begin on March 17 in L.A.

source: comingsoon.net

the article is more of an Ellen Page story but I tried to make it more of a Raimi story cuz he's more important.
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